Comprehensive Car Insurance

  • Comprehensive car insurance is the type of insurance that offers the highest level of cover. If you require complete protection then this is the type of car insurance to go for. When considering whether or not comprehensive car insurance is the right choice for you, it is worth noting that although it offers the highest level of protection, it can actually be cheaper than other levels of cover – largely because insurers charge more for lower levels because they believe that high risk drivers are more likely to choose lower levels in order to try to save money.

Compare Comprehensive Car Insurance With Money Pug

  • One of the best ways to save money on your car insurance, including on comprehensive car insurance, is to compare quotes using a comparison service like the one on Money Pug’s website. No matter what your situation, Money Pug can help you to find the best comprehensive car insurance for you.

What does a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy Cover?

  • With a comprehensive car insurance policy, you will be covered for:

  1. Damage to any third party.
  2. Damage to your own vehicle.
  3. Loss or damage to your vehicle caused by fire or theft.
  4. Accidental damage to your vehicle (during a storm, for example)

What Extras Can You Add To A Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

It is important to check the fine print and make sure, before adding any extras to your policy, that you understand exactly what is and is not included in the original policy. Once you have done this, you may still wish to add extras. Some extras that you could consider adding to your comprehensive car insurance policy are:

  • Legal cover
  • Cover for your personal belongings
  • Breakdown cover
  • Windscreen cover

If you do want one or more of these extras, and are shopping around for a new policy, you could consider looking for a provider who offers the extras that you require or want as standard. As usual, it pays to shop around to get the best deal, both for the policy itself, and for any added extras that you might require.

Am I insured to drive other people’s cars with a comprehensive car insurance policy?

If you wish to drive other people’s cars then it is important to check the policy or policies you are considering carefully to see whether you would be covered. Some comprehensive policies do cover you for this, while others do not. Do not make assumptions about what a policy covers as some comprehensive car insurance policies are far more comprehensive than others.

Should I also check out quotes for third party, and third party, fire and theft?

Yes, we here at Money Pug recommend that you consider all your options and compare quotes not only for comprehensive car insurance but also for the other levels of cover. By checking out all the options, you will be fully informed about what you can get for your money, and are more likely to be able to find the quote and policy that perfectly meets your needs.

Comprehensive Car Insurance FAQs

Who do we include in MoneyPugs Car Insurance comparison?

We include every UK Car insurer that offers insurance for the Car. They are all regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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