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Compare Mobile Phone Insurance with Money Pug

  • A mobile phone can be a lifeline. More and more of us are relying on our mobile phones for so much in our daily lives. They can be our main font of communication, our look-up libraries, our calculators, our watches, an important source of entertainment and so much more.
  • When you have a mobile phone – losing it could really cost you. In order to make sure that you can replace your mobile phone if it is damaged, or perhaps if it is lost or stolen, you may wish to consider taking out mobile phone insurance.
  • If you are looking to get cover, Money Pug can help. By using our handy comparison service you can make sure that you get the cover you need on the very best terms and at the very best price.

What Should I Consider When Getting Mobile Phone Insurance?

  • It is important to choose the right mobile phone insurance for you, so what should you consider. In terms of the ‘big picture’ – here are the things that you should bear in mind when looking for the right cover:

Cover Options

Do you just need to be covered for accidental damage, or would you be better to go for loss and theft cover too? Decide what you are looking for before you use our handy comparison site to find the mobile phone insurance that is best for you.

Amount of Cover

When choosing your insurance, it is important to consider how much your mobile phone is worth and to choose a policy that will offer enough cover to replace it.


Look carefully at all the mobile phone insurance offers available for you to see what the excess will be. Think about how much you are willing to pay towards the cost of repairing or replacing your phone.


Read the small print and make sure you are aware of the exclusions on a certain mobile phone insurance deal. All policies exclude phones that are older than two years old and also cosmetic damage like dents or scratches.


Of course, when looking for your mobile phone insurance deal, you will also want to think about the cost of the policy. Compare with Money Pug to find the best prices on the level of cover and cover options that you need.

How Can I Find the Best Price on Mobile Phone Insurance?

  •  To find the best price on mobile phone insurance, you have already come to the right place and taken the right first step. Using Money Pug’s comparison service makes it easier to compare the different insurance deals and to see at a glance which could provide the best value for your hard-earned money. Here are some other ways to find a cheaper deal on the mobile phone insurance that you need:

Consider Multi-Gadget Insurance – Some insurers offer a discount if you would like to insure more than one gadget or phone at the same time, so it could make sense to take out a policy for all the phones and other gadgets for your phone family/ household.
Pay in Full, Annually, Up Front – You will often pay less for the level of insurance that you need if you choose to pay a lump sun annually, up front, rather than spreading the cost and paying monthly, so this is definitely something to consider if you can manage the larger payment all in one go.
Consider Choosing a Policy with Higher Excess – Obviously, you should make sure that you choose an excess that you will be able to pay, but to keep the cost down, you could consider a policy with a higher excess.

How Do I Make A Claim on a Mobile Phone Insurance Policy?

If your phone has been stolen or lost, contact your local police station and make a note of the incident number that they provide. You should also contact your network provider, so that they can stop any service and prevent a thief from using your mobile phone.

When your phone has been damaged (or lost or stolen if you are covered for these things), you should immediately phone the claims number that you will find on your mobile phone insurance policy documents to inform them that you wish to make a claim. Explain what has happened to your phone. Sometimes, insurers will accept this information over the phone, while at other times you may need to fill in a claim form. Fill out any paperwork that the insurer has requested and send them any supporting documents if they have asked for any.

Mobile Phone Insurance FAQs

What is Mobile Phone Insurance?
  • Mobile phone insurance is a specialist insurance policy that will cover your mobile phone and pay out to repair or replace your phone if it is damaged, also often if it is lost or stolen.
Should I Just Include My Mobile Phone on My Home Insurance Policy?

Mobile phones can often be covered by a home insurance policy as an addition, but it is worthwhile noting that you may incur larger costs if you need to make a claim. Money Pug also allows you to compare home insurance policies, so you could shop around to find out how best to cover your mobile phone.

Can I Cover My Children's Mobile Phones?

Those over 16 can take out their own insurance policies, though you could also consider, as mentioned above, including all the household or family’s mobile phones on a multi-gadget policy which can save you money when taken out from certain providers.

Can I Get Mobile Phone Insurance for a Second Hand Phone?

Unfortunately, you cannot get mobile phone insurance cover for a phone that is more than two years old. Most insurers will specify the maximum age of device that they will cover, so it is important to check the terms offered before you commit to choosing a deal.

Can You Get No Claims Bonus on Mobile Phone Insurance?

Yes, you can usually get a discount at the time of renewal if you do not claim on your insurance. You can check with your insurance provider to find out the details of any discounts offered for no claims.

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