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  • Money Pug aims to make it easier for you to get the right deals and the best possible speeds for your home broadband. On this page, you can find out for free how fast your broadband connection is. This broadband speed checker can analyse broadband speed on a range of connections, including ADSL broadband, cable broadband, fibre optic broadband and mobile broadband.

How Can I Make Sure I Get the Most Accurate Result Possible?

  • Certain factors can influence your broadband speeds. These include:
  •  Downloads
  • Positioning of wireless routers (thick walls might get in the way)
  • Data -heavy programs running on your computer
  • Other users on the network or using a router at the same time.
  • You can ensure you get more accurate speed test results by:
  • Making sure you are not downloading anything.
  • Switching off any software that uses the Internet.
  • Turning off other devices using the router.
  • Positioning yourself as close to your wireless router as possible.
  • Switching off any electronic devices that may affect signal strength.

Speed Test FAQs

How Accurate is the Broadband Speed Checker?
  • We do our very best to ensure that our speed test is as accurate as possible. That said, please note that this speed test only represents a snapshot of your broadband connection at the precise time of testing. This should not be used as a conclusive measure of your broadband connection’s general performance over time
How Does the Speed Test Work?

The speed test works to check your broadband speed by downloading and then uploading ‘packets’ of data that are sent as ‘pings’ to our UK servers. These pings are a way of measuring the time taken for the data to be sent and received, allowing us to assess the speed of the broadband service.

Why is My Broadband So Slow?

If you’ve double checked all of the above and your broadband speed still seems slow, do a final check of your device. If nothing is wrong on a device level then you should contact your current broadband provider for advice. There may be a fault on your line or a temporary fault with the service. If you get no joy from your broadband provider, it could be time to switch!

Which Broadband Provider is Fastest?

Virgin and BT currently offer the fastest fibre optic broadband speeds in the UK, though the fastest options may not yet be available in your area. Fibre optic broadband, particularly fibre to the premises, is the fastest connection type, though coverage is not universal. Use Money Pug’s handy broadband comparison service by entering your postcode and finding the best options for your area.

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