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Spread the cost of your handset across your contract

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Spread the cost of your handset across your contract

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Best Mobile Phone Deals

Do you need a new phone? Are you looking for a new contract because you want to switch from your existing deal, or because your old contract is coming to an end? Whether you want to buy a mobile phone handset outright, find a phone and tariff deal to spread the cost, opt for a SIM only deal or a pay as you go mobile phone deal, Money Pug can help. On this website, you can easily search and find the best mobile phone deals and surf quickly to the option that is right for you.

Compare Mobile Phone Deals With Money Pug

When you compare mobile phone deals with Money Pug, you can rest easy knowing that you have not paid over the odds for the mobile phone or phone contract that is right for you. You can call or text your family and friends, listen, stream, watch or browse to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that you have not wasted your money and paid more than you had to pay for the privilege. Compare today to consider your options and look into how much you could save.

Compare Phone and Tariff Contract Mobile Phone Deals

If you need a smartphone, there are three different ways that you can get your hands on one and be able to use it. You can buy the phone outright and choose a sim only deal, or a pay as you go deal, but the most common option is to take out a standard contract, through which you will pay monthly for the phone and your tariff.

A standard phone and tariff contract allows you to spread the cost of a mobile phone over a couple of years, making it a good option for those who don’t have large chunks of cash around to spend on a higher end mobile phone handset. You will receive a new phone and pay monthly for that phone, and for a monthly allowance of calls, texts and data.

How many calls you are able to make, how many texts you can send, and how much data you can use will depend on the terms of your contract.  How much you can expect to pay will also depend on which contract you choose to take out, which handset you choose, and which network you choose to go on.

Typically, you will be tied to a network provider by a contract that will last between 18 and 24 months. During this time, if you wish to switch, you may have to pay an early release fee. This is something to bear in mind if you are thinking about taking out a standard contract phone phone deal.

What Do Mobile Phone Deals Usually Include?

The things covered by the tariff charge on a mobile phone contract will vary depending on the terms of the contract and the network you have chosen. However, the tariff will usually cover:

Inclusive Minutes

When choosing a mobile phone contract, you will get to choose how many inclusive call minutes you get each month. Finding the right deal involves making sure that you have enough minutes to meet your needs, as you will usually be charged if you exceed your minutes. Make sure you ascertain which calls will be covered, as contracts vary as to which calls are included in the inclusive allowance of minutes.

Inclusive Texts

Most mobile phone contracts also offer a certain number of inclusive texts. It is important to check each deal you are considering carefully to see how many inclusive texts you are allowed. If you send a lot of texts, you should be careful to make sure you find a deal that offers enough since, as with inclusive minutes, if you send texts over and above the inclusive allowance, you could well be charged for going over your limit.

Data Allowance

Most deals also come with a certain data allowance that can be used each month. When choosing a mobile phone deal, it is important to establish how much data you will require. To give you a rough idea of how much data you might use, it could be useful to know that 1 GB is about a million emails or 2,000 with attachments. It will allow you to download around 200 songs or stream one hour of high definition video. If you had an allowance of 500 MB, you would be able to do about half of this. Data can be gobbled up more quickly than you might think, so it is best to err on the side of caution and get a deal with a little more data than you think that you might need.

International Calls

If you often call overseas from the UK, it would be a good idea to look for an option that offers a good deal on international calls. Many contracts will charge hefty charges for international calls, so when looking for a mobile phone deal, see how the different provider’s charges will vary for the place or places that you tend to call most frequently to make sure you get the best prices.

Travelling Abroad

Many mobile phone deals will allow you to use your phone overseas, though to do so you will often incur roaming charges. Roaming charges apply to calls, texts and data and these can be high through some network providers. When choosing a mobile phone deal, be sure to check whether they offer free roaming, and always check the details of any contract to make sure it is suitable for you with regard to roaming, especially if you travel often.

Sim Only Contract Mobile Phone Deals

If you would rather pay upfront for your mobile phone then you could opt for a Sim only contract. A Sim only contract allows you to pay a smaller monthly payment for the tariff only, rather than paying for the phone over time. Sim only deals can often save you money, as the initial cost of the phone plus the monthly sim only payment often amounts to considerably less than you would pay over the course of a standard phone and tariff contract. For certain handsets, you could save as much as £200 by buying the handset upfront and opting for a sim only deal.

With a sim only deal, your contract will include only minutes, texts and data for the monthly free. It will not include an actual phone. Since the handset is not included, these deals are great for those on a budget, as they cost a lot less than a standard mobile phone contract’

A sim card is a microchip that holds all the information on your phone, including the number of the mobile, the call plan, and contacts and other messages, photos or data that you store on your phone. Once a sim card has been activated, it is tied to a particular network, though not to a particular phone. This means that you can change handsets and still hold on to your old number and keep any personal items you have stored on your mobile and saved onto the Sim.

Pay As You Go Mobile Phone Deals

If you do not use your phone very often, or do not wish to be tied into a contract mobile phone deal then you could also consider opting for a pay as you go deal. With a pay as you go deal, you will not make a monthly payment but will rather pay only for what you use. This can be a very affordable option for those who don’t make a lot of calls, send a lot of texts or use a lot of data. It can also be an option for those who don’t have a good enough credit history to get a mobile phone contract.

iPhone Deals

If you are looking for a mobile phone deal, you may already have decided what sort of handset you are after. On Money Pug’s comparison site you can search for deals from all the major network providers to find a deal for a specific type of handset. For example, you might be looking for an iPhone deal.

If you are looking for an iPhone deal, you need look no further. On this website you will find a range of deals to allow you to get the latest iPhone models for the best price possible. You can search for and compare contracts and deals on:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max

As well as other cheaper iPhones in Apple’s back catalogue. Checking out out pages on each of the most recent iPhone models will help you find the right iPhone for you, whatever your needs and whatever your budget.

Android Phone Deals

If you are more of a fan of the Android operating system, you will have even more choice when it comes to finding an excellent mobile phone deal. Whatever sort of Android phone deal you are looking for, you can find suitable options through this website.

On this site you can find links to allow you to access deals on all the major Android phone handsets and contract options. You can compare prices on deals for:

  • the Samsung Galaxy range
  • Nokia phones
  • HTC phones
  • LG phones
  • Motorola phones
  • Huawei phones
  • Sony phones

No matter what Android phone you are looking for, Money Pug can help.

What To Look For in A Mobile Phone Deal

There are a number of different things to consider when choosing a mobile phone, and a mobile phone contract, including:

Regarding the mobile phone itself:

    • The manufacturer of the handset. (Each manufacturer makes phones with specific strengths – read reviews and look into the specs of the handsets you are considering before deciding on a purchase.)
    • The operating system the phone runs with. (Do you want an iOS, Android or Microsoft phone?)
    • Camera quality on the phone. (Thus is especially important if you are a photographer or plan to take a lot of pictures with your new device.)
    • Screen size and image quality. (Go for the best option within your budget).
    • 3G/4G (or even 5G) capability. (4G phones are faster than 3G ones for browsing and streaming.)
    • Data storage capability on the phone. (Data is particularly important if you will be gaming or streaming video and storing lots of pictures, music, or video on your mobile phone).
    • The battery life of the phone. (You don’t want a phone to need to be charged too often.)

Regarding the contract:

  • Whether it is a standard contract, a sim only or pay as you go deal.
  • The make and model of smartphone available (if included).
  • The length of the contract. (Usually 18-24 months on a standard contract).
  • The amount you would be paying each month. (Make sure it is affordable).
  • What is included on the contract. (E.g. minutes, texts, data, international calls, roaming…) Take care to make sure that you will be covered for the way in which you generally tend to use your smartphone and look out for hidden costs/ exemptions in the small print.)
  • What additional fees you may have to pay for international calls, roaming etc..
  • How much it would cost if you wished to switch before the end of your contract.
  • The level and quality of customer service with the network provider you are considering.

You should also take a look to see whether there are any added incentives or special time-limited deals available which could sweeten the deal and make taking a certain contract a little more attractive.

The website is easy to navigate and has a lovely clean design!

- Customer

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