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Convicted Driver Insurance

If you are a driver who has previously been convicted of a driving offence, you will, of course, find it more difficult to find insurance. When you do get insurance, it will generally be far more expensive that it would be for those with a squeaky clean history and no points on their licence. That said, you can usually find an insurer that will cover you, even with prior offences, and comparing prices with Money Pug can help you get insured for the lowest possible convicted driver rates.

Compare Convicted Driver Insurance With Money Pug

If you have made a mistake in the past, it does not mean that you have to continue on that trajectory. We all make mistakes sometimes and do things we should not do. But we can make amends for what we have done in the past and move on to a better future. If you are looking to set your past firmly behind you and start out on the road to a better way of life, Money Pug could help you get the insurance you need in place.  Compare today to get the best break on convicted driver insurance.

Why is Convicted Driver Insurance More Expensive?

It is clear that those with a history of irresponsible or criminal behaviour will not be as safe a bet for insurers. It is easy to see why insurers will believe that what has happened before could happen again. The truth of the matter is that, regardless of your own specific situation and how likely you personally are to be involved in an expensive claim, convicted drivers in general are more of a risk. Insurers take this increased risk level into account when setting premiums. This is why convicted driver insurance is generally more expensive.

What Convictions Are Accepted?

Which convictions will be covered in an insurer’s policy will vary from company to company. That said, you will generally be able to get cover if you were previously convicted of:

  • drink driving
  • speeding
  • non-driving related criminal convictions.

Some insurers also accept those with convictions for driving without insurance, dangerous driving and driving without a licence. Be sure to check policies carefully before you commit to taking one out to make sure that you can get cover with the convictions that you have.

Bear in mind that many insurers may charge you more for covering a person with your convictions. It is also important to note that if you have been disqualified from driving, you will not be able to take out an insurance policy until you have served the term of your ban.

Do I Have to Declare My Convictions?

Yes. Even though insurance will cost you more after you have been convicted of something, it is still important to declare convictions honestly when applying for a policy and when asked by the provider. You will have to fess up about any unspent convictions. (Though once the rehabilitation period of your conviction has been served and it is spend, you will no longer need to mention it.)

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