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Compare Business Gas and Electricity with Money Pug

  • Providing for your business energy needs is not always as straightforward as buying gas and electricity for a domestic property. Money Pug knows how important it is for businesses to get it right when it comes to powering their commercial enterprises. Businesses often use a lot more energy than is used in the average home, so it is even more important to get the very best deal on the energy you use. If you are setting up a new business, or looking to improve the deal you get on energy in your existing business premises, Money Pug can help you to find the right business energy deals for you. Compare today to save on powering your business.

Why should I Switch Business Energy Supplier?

People running businesses decide to switch energy supplier for a range of different reasons. Of course, the main reason to switch business energy supplier is to get a better deal and save money on powering your commercial enterprise. But there are other reasons to switch too. You may be dissatisfied with the customer service provided by your current supplier, or be frustrated by the way in which a certain company has treated you. You may also wish to switch to a greener, more eco-friendly option for your business energy, to transition to a more sustainable business model moving forwards.

What Do I Need To Know To Switch Business Energy Supplier?

  • In order to get accurate quotes for your business energy needs, it can be useful to have the following information to hand:

  • The name of your current energy supplier.
  • Your tariff name and the end date of any contract you have entered into.
  • Your type of supply.
  • How much energy your business uses in kilowatt hours or in pounds.

Don’t worry if you do not have a bill to hand, or have not yet started with an energy supplier for your business – you can still get quotes to give you at least a rough idea of what you might be paying with the different suppliers.

What Suppliers Offer Business Energy Deals?

We allow you to compare offers from a range of different suppliers. You can buy your business energy from a range of companies, which include:

  • Axis Telecom
  • Bristol Energy
  • British Gas
  • CNG
  • Corona
  • Crown
  • D-energi
  • EDF
  • Eon
  • Extra Energy
  • Flogas
  • Gazprom
  • Good Energy
  • Hudson
  • Npower
  • Opus
  • Scottish Poer
  • Simple Gas
  • SSE
  • Total Gas & Power
  • United Gas & Power
  • Xcel Energy
  • Yorkshire Gas & Power

Business Energy FAQs

Can Switching Business Energy Supplier Really Save Me Money?
  • Though it is difficult to say exactly how much a business could save on its energy bills – it will depend on the location, type and size of the business and well as a whole range of other factors – many businesses can save money by shopping around. The quotes we source for you can help you to determine for yourself whether or not other companies can offer a better deal than your current supplier.
How Long Will It Take To Switch Business Energy Supplier?

Switching business energy can go just as smoothly and quickly as changing a home energy supply. Once you have compared quotes with Money Pug, you will be able to head across to the supplier’s website to sort out the details. The new supplier you have chosen will sort out the finer details of the transaction and arrange for the switch to take place on a given date, so you don’t need to worry about doing anything else and can concentrate on running your business.

Will Switching Business Energy Supplier Mean a Disruption to My Supply?

The good news is that switching energy supplier will not mean a disruption to your business supply. Just as with a home energy switch, as long as you are up to date will all your bills from your old supplier, and have paid any contract termination fees that may apply in some cases, everything should go through and there will be a seamless supply.

What Different Types of Business Energy Tariff Can I Choose?

Usually, business customers are offered a range of fixed rate energy contracts that have terms of one, two or three years. Generally speaking, the longer the fixed rate term, the more expensive the tariff is likely to do, though of course it is worthwhile considering that longer term contracts do offer protection from increases in energy prices in the future. Sometimes, business customers can get a discount when their bills are paid by direct debit.

If you are keen to be as green and eco-friendly as possible as a business, you can also choose to go for a green energy option. Business energy suppliers offer a range of greener deals, with features including business energy sourced from renewable sources, or at least without fracking. Some suppliers offer other green elements such as paperless billing, or offset carbon through tree planting or other incentives.

Can I Get Charity or 'Not For Profit' Business Energy?

If you run a charity or a not for profit business then you can get a 15% reduction in VAT, which takes it down to 5%. Charities and non-profits are also exempt from the Climate Change Levy (CCL) which is a tax on commercial energy use, so that will reduce your energy bills by a further 5%.

Can I get a Feed In Tariff For My Business?

A business can apply for a feed in tariff in the same way as any domestic energy user. Under the feed in tariff scheme, anyone who generates their own power or sells excess power back to the National Grid is entitled to money back. How much businesses are paid for the electricity they generate depends on the size of the system that you have, as well as what type of technology you have installed – e.g. solar panels or wind turbines.

What is the Most Eco-Friendly Option for Business Energy?

The greenest business energy comes from renewable resources like sunlight, wind or plants rather than from coal, oil etc… Some suppliers offer green business energy, so you know that your energy came from sources that don’t do as much damage to the planet. If you select to be shown green tariff options then you will be presented with quotes tailored to your needs and wants. Going green can be a great decision for any sustainable business.

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