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Kit Car Insurance

What better way to get the car of your dreams than by building it yourself? Kit cars are often a labour of love, taking years of hard work and dedication. But at the end of that time you can end up with a dream motor that meets your exacting requirements with tailor-made specifications. Some kit cars are true classics, while others are the machines of the future – with truly stunning high end performance and features. But once the car is built – getting kit car insurance in place can sometimes seem a just as tricky as building an engine from scratch. Money Pug is here to help.


Compare Kit Car Insurance With Money Pug

Money Pug is here to help you navigate the tricky business of insuring your kit car. As you might expect, insuring a kit car can be a costly business. It is not just the insurance for driving the vehicle once it is completed that you have to worry about. You also have to think about insuring the car before it is built, and perhaps even insuring the parts as they are in transit to your garage or workshop. Comparing kit car insurance with Money Pug to find the best deals can help you keep the cost down.


Types of Kit Car Insurance

There are several types of insurance that might be pertinent to those building a kit car, including:

  • Build-Up Cover Policies

The parts of your kit car can be very valuable even before you put them together. It is essential to be properly insured during the build period for fire, theft and accidental damage. Any kit car specialist will be able to offer this – but remember to shop around to get the best deal.

  • Goods in Transit Policies

Goods in transit policies protect the parts of your kit car while they are in transit being delivered to you. This is usually a bolt-on for a build-up cover policy. It usually works on a day rate as your parts move from A to B.

  • Tool Cover in your Contents Insurance

When building a kit car, you will of course have a wide range of expensive tools with which to do the job. Check your home contents insurance and make sure that you have adequate cover in place for all your tools.

  • Car Insurance (For driving your kit car)

Since no two kit cars are exactly alike, there is no ‘book value’ and it is difficult to determine exactly what you will have to pay to insure it for driving on the road. You will need to tell insurers the:

  • – type of engine you have used in the car.
  • – type of body you have used for the vehicle.

Engine and body type are the two main criteria used as a rating factor for your kit car insurance. You will likely have to provide other details of the build, including photos of key stages and component lists.

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