Money Pug is your one-stop shop for all your comparison needs. Like the determined, loyal little creatures for which our company is named, we plug away, doing all the hard work so you don’t have to. On this website, you can find all the services you need for the very best prices, and find all the information you need to make the best, most informed choices for all your different requirements. No matter what you want to compare, Money Pug is there by your side, helping you find exactly what it is that you are looking for. 

What Can I Compare With Money Pug?

With Money Pug, you can easily search and compare a wide range of products and services for all your various needs. Here are some of the comparisons you can make using our easy to use and useful service:

Compare Mobile Phones and Contracts

Whether you are looking for the latest iPhones, or the best Android smartphones on the market, whether you want a contract, or a Sim only deal, compare with Money Pug today and you can gain access to some of the best possible options for you, and save money on the mobile phones and phone services that are perfect for your specific needs.

Compare Utilities

Don’t let energy companies get away with over-charging you for the basics. Gas and electricity can be a big part of our household expenditure – but switching could save you a bundle on your power needs! Compare utilities from all the big energy suppliers with Money Pug to see how much you could save on powering your home.

Compare Broadband & TV Packages

What would we do without broadband Internet these days? For many of us, access to the Internet has become essential in our daily lives. We allow you to compare all the broadband deals from all the major networks and providers, as well as other TV and entertainment packages to make sure you never have to endure a dull moment. 

Compare Money-Related Products and Services

Money Pug also allows you to compare all the financial products and money-related products and services that you need to keep your finances in order. Whether you want to borrow or you want to save, we have a wide range of product for you to compare, from savings and current accounts, to credit cards, mortgages and other loans. 

Compare Insurances

Whatever you may need to insure – we’ve got you covered. On Money Pug’s useful website, you can compare home insurance, car insurance, bike insurance, van insurance, pet insurance and travel insurance, so you’ll be prepared and covered for any eventuality, no matter what life may throw at you along the way.

Compare Travel, Holidays & Car Hire Options

We’ve not only got your covered for all your comparison needs at home. We also allow you to compare for your hard-earned holidays. You can compare a wide range of package holidays, deals for car hire while you are away, and money for your holiday at the very best exchange rates. After all the money you’ve saved by comparing through Money Pug, you’ll have more funds for those special times away!

Compare For All Your Business Needs

Not only does Money Pug allow you to compare for all your personal needs and requirements, business owners will also be able to save using our business comparison services. On this website, business owners can compare broadband and phone deals for their enterprise, energy for business premises, business loans and credit. So, at home and at work, Money Pug helps keep everything ticking along smoothly.

How to Compare With Money Pug

Simply enter details of what you require and our search engine will return results in your chosen arena that are ideally suited to you. Simply take a look through the tailored search results to see at a glance how much you can save, and what deals you can get for your situation and requirements.  Nothing could be easier or more straightforward. You’ll be set up with exactly what you need in next to no time! Money Pug is your faithful hound – sniffing out all the best bargains for you. 

Why Choose Money Pug For Your Comparison Needs?

Money Pug is a company dedicated to putting the power back in the hands of the consumer. You’re the one with the money – you should be the one in control. When it comes to big business, often the tail wags the dog! Make sure you, as a customer, are firmly in the driving seat once more. Money Pug is a determined little canine that won’t rest until you have everything you need to make informed decisions about the products and services that you choose. 

Based in the UK, Money Pug is an expert on the UK markets, and knows just how to search and compare to get the very best deals and options in all the different arenas. We are ideally based for those looking to conquer the UK markets and get to the bottom of all the jargon and nonsense that stands between you and an excellent deal. 

Our comparison services are easy to use and utterly straightforward. When you compare with Money Pug, you know you are in safe hands and won’t be paying more than you need to to get the best possible options for you. 

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