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Compare Travel Insurance with Money Pug

  • It is important to get the best deal possible when travelling and protect yourself from unpredictable situations such as accidental damage or cancelled/ delayed flights. While we all hope that nothing bad happens on our holidays, it is good to know that if it does, we will be covered.
  • Money Pug helps you to find the best travel insurance deals suited to your needs, also saving you money and ensuring you travel with ease and comfort. Although the process might seem complicated at first, Money Pug’s easy-to-use comparison website will show you all the various options and deals available to you, all at the click of a button!

What Do I Need To Have Ready Before Comparing Travel Insurance?

  •  Before you enter your details and receive travel insurance quotes, you should have the following information handy and be able to let us know:-
  • Details of any current travel insurance and claims previously made.
  • Where you are going.
  • The type of cover needed (single, annual multi-trip, backpackers).
  • How many people you require cover for.
  • Any medical conditions traveller has (with documents).
  • Travel documents (Passport etc.) that are in-date.

What Does A Standard Travel Insurance Policy Cover?


  • Travel insurances cover a lot many things. Here are a few things which a standard policy covers:


Cancellation & delay

In case you miss a flight or there is some kind of delay which has caused a problem with your plans, your insurance policy will give you a compensation for it. In the instance that, for example, there is a delay and you have been unable to reach your business meeting because of it, you can file a claim under this policy cover.

Medical expenses:

Imagine you are travelling and there is an emergency which requires medical assistance and you are admitted in a hospital. The expense of the hospital and medicine will be covered by the insurance policy. (It is important to note that pre-existing conditions may not be covered and for this you need to discuss this with you insurance provider. There are separate plans for people who have pre-existing medical conditions.)

Personal liability:

When travelling there is always a chance you might injure yourself or there is some damage done to your belongings in an accident. In such a scenario, the insurance company will provide cover and offer protection against personal liability.

Emergency assistance/repatriation:

If you are severely injured, brought back to the UK and require immediate medical attention, the insurance policy will provide for this and pay all the hospital expenses.

Baggage & belongings:

Imagine you are travelling and your valuable luggage is lost or stolen. If this happens, an insurance policy will often provide cover and compensate you for your loss. Claims of this sort are one of the most common claims made by passengers as it is very common to lose your luggage at the airport. Insurance cover for baggage and belongings will put your mind at ease and make your trip a good one.

What to Do If You Have A Pre-Existing Medical Condition

  • If you have a pre-existing medical condition for which treatment has been completed or is ongoing, this should be clearly stated in your policy. Conditions such as heart problems, cancer, diabetes should be declared as not mentioning them could invalidate your cover. It is very important that your provide complete details of your medical history to your insurance company because not mentioning certain medical conditions may invalidate your insurance and waste your money. People with some conditions might have to pay a little more than healthy people for an insurance policy.

How to reduce the cost of travel insurance

  • In order to reduce the cost travel insurance you need to carefully decide your insurance policy. You must keep a balance in how much you get covered and how much you spend. Considering an insurance policy that covers too much and is high in price might be hard on your pocket. The right way to purchase an insurance policy is to first decide how much cover you need. Once you have decided the cover you need, then you can proceed with finding the right insurance policy for you. You can keep costs down by:

Comparing Prices

You can compare prices provided by money pug and wisely choose the quote which offers you adequate cover and is not so hard on your pocket. Choosing the right plan for your trip can save a lot of money.

Declining optional extras:

You can decline optional covers like gadget protection because they might be covered by your bank or your credit card anyway. You might want to check with them first before choosing the optional extras

Choosing annual plans

You can pay early if you travel regularly. If you are a frequent traveller, then it is wise for you to choose a yearly or annual plan. Annual plans are normally cheaper than individual trip plans. This will save about 20- 30% of your expenditure. Most businessmen and people who travel frequently choose this type of insurance cover for themselves.

Buying as a couple

If you are a couple or a group of people travelling, you might want to look in to packages as individual insurances are higher in prices. You can save money by purchasing a couple’s insurance plan if you and your spouse are planning to go on a trip together. This way you can save money and it is highly cost effective.

Different Types of Travel Insurance


There are numerous types of travel insurance offered by insurance companies. You can get a travel cover for one trip or if there is a time in your life that you might have to travel a couple of time in a periods of let’s say six months, you can find a specific policy to suit you. There are different travel policies for families and for individuals. Travel insurance cover is also available for couples and groups.

If you think the insurance plan being offered to you is too basic then you can tailor one to your needs. There are different policies at different rates if you go to Europe or if you are travelling for sports. There may include:

European Travel insurance

European travel insurance is offered to people who plan on making trips within Europe and not outside of it. This type of insurance will cover for you if any mishap occurs in Europe and the countries in it.


You may need this type of travel insurance if you plan on travelling the world and you have to move from continent to continent. People who have multiple businesses in different countries use this type of travel insurance to cover themselves from awkward scenarios. This type of insurance is generally not cheap in comparison. If you buy a European travel

insurance and some mishap occurs whilst you are in Asia, then know that you won’t be covered. It is important to remember the type of cover you have purchased for your travel.

Winter sports

If you are in to sports and physical activity like hiking and skiing, then you might want to look into this type of insurance as this provides cover for riskier activities, and cover for your expensive equipment.


If you are planning a backpacking adventure, you have to accept that your type of travel could be a little riskier than the traditional package holiday. For this reason, there is also often specific travel insurance for those undertaking a trip of this type.

You can compare travel insurance prices on Money Pug and make sure you get reasonable quotes, whatever sort of travel insurance you are looking for.

Compare Travel Insurance FAQs

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance?
  • When travelling, there is always a possibility that something might go wrong. From cancelled flights to having a medical/personal/criminal emergency, one in five of us won’t have a policy protecting valuable possessions and more importantly us ourselves from harm! On average, a medical claim on a travel policy can come in at just under $1000. It is important to have potential losses covered and choose what different features of the policy you would like such as terrorism, dental cover, baggage or loss of cash etc. Having travel insurance in place really can be a life-saver.
What Travel Policy Is Right For Me?

In order to decide the right plan for you, you must first decide the length of your stay, the cities you will visit, the luggage you will carry and the amount of cover your require to safely travel. This totally depends on the things you would like to cover as these may include your health, luggage, delayed flights and many other factors. Also you need to keep in mind the number of people you are going, as travel insurances for groups and couples may be cheaper than individual travel insurance. If you are a couple and going on your honeymoon, or simply travelling together at any time, you might want to look in to a couple’s travel insurance plan. It is important that you discuss your situation and all of the above mentioned factors with you insurance provider.

Who do we include in MoneyPugs Travel Insurance comparison?

We include every UK Travel insurer that offers insurance for Travel. They are all regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Can I get travel insurance for a cruise?

If you are planning on going on a cruise, it is worth noting that conditions vary for insurance from different providers and some may not cover cruises at all. It is therefore vital to check the small print and make sure that cruises are covered on the policy that you are considering taking out. When looking for coverage for a cruise on Money Pug, we suggest that you select your furthest geographical destination for your search destination, and then check with the insurer that the other countries or stops on the cruise are all also covered, and that you will be covered for a cruise.


What is classed as a pre-existing medical condition and can I be covered?

A pre-existing condition is usually defined as any medical condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received. It is always a good idea to double check with an insurer to see whether they will include your condition on the policy. If you are pregnant, there may be certain exclusions if you plan to travel in later stages of your pregnancy. Always read all the key information and small print before deciding on a policy, and phone an insurer to ask any questions that you may have.


Will I be covered for day trips, excursions and holidays with multiple destinations?

Many insurance policies can be found through Money Pug’s website that will cover you for excursions (such as travelling to another country for a while as part of your holiday). However, you should never assume that you will be covered, and if in doubt, should always check with the insurance provider. There may be conditions and limits to cover in certain circumstances. If you are travelling to multiple countries on your trip, check with the insurer that you will be covered for each of those destinations, and for the entire duration of your trip. If you struggle to find a single trip policy to cover you for the adventure you intend to undertake, you could also consider looking for a comprehensive annual policy.


How do I cancel my travel insurance policy?

With annual multi trip policies, you are entitled to cancel your policy within 14 days of purchase without penalty. You can contact your insurance provider and they are obliged to provide a full refund. After the 14 day period, you will not receive any refund, though will not be tied into the policy.

Unfortunately, for single trip policies less than one month in duration, there are no automatic rights to cancel without penalty. Should you wish to cancel, you will have to contact the insurance provider directly to discuss their refund and cancellation policy.


When exactly does my policy expire?

Your policy will expire at midnight on the final day for which it is valid. For single trip policies, the cover will end on the day that you have advised that you will return to the UK. Of course, an annual policy will cover you for a full year from the date of purchase.


Does my group/family travel insurance cover me for travelling alone?

Not automatically. Always check with the insurance provider to see whether solo travel will be covered for an individual on a group or family policy. While some will cover you, most will not.


Will I be covered in the event of terrorism or a natural disaster?

Details of cover relating to terrorism and natural disaster will be found in policy documentation. There may be exclusions in the specific policy you are considering, so it is important to check this if you are concerned. Phone an insurer to discuss details if you are unsure of anything in the documentation or need to ask any questions.


Will I be covered in the case of a volcanic ash event?

Some policies do exclude natural disasters, including ash events, so it is important to check this out. Your claim may also be declined if your flight is cancelled, as some insurers believe that it is the responsibility of airlines to cover these costs.


Can I upgrade my travel policy after I have taken it out?

It is sometimes possible to upgrade a travel policy after you have taken it out, but you will have to check directly with the insurance provider that you have chosen to go with.


With an annual multi-trip policy, what is the longest period  I can travel for?

If you are planning a longer trip, you will need to make sure that you will be covered for the entire period that you will be away from home. The maximum travel time you are covered for will depend on the level of cover that you choose. The policy document will include details of the maximum time for travel on an annual policy, as well as all the other details of cover.


How can I contact the travel insurance provider while I am on holiday?

When you have taken out an insurance policy, you will need to know how to contact the insurer with any questions or concerns that you may have while you are away. Contact details should be included on the policy documentation, and it is a good idea to print this out and take it with you on your travels. It could also be helpful to make sure you have a contact number for your insurer in your phone.


How do I make a travel insurance claim?

Details of how to make a claim will be included on your policy documentation. Make sure that you have these with you while travelling. It can be helpful to have a hard copy of the details, so you don’t have to rely on having internet access to source the information you need.


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