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Compare Van Insurance with Money Pug

  • It is very important to get the best deals for your van insurance to protect yourself from unpredictable situations such as accidents and engine break downs which happen all the time when on the road. Money pug helps you find the best deal for your van to ensure your safe travel on the road. We can help you find the options best suited to your needs, which offer you the best possible value for your hard-earned money.
  • Money Pug enable you to drive with peace of mind. Although it may seem a little complex at first, Money Pug’s easy to understand comparison website will let your choose the best plan for your vehicle. Money pug will make all the deals visible and clear to you so that you can decide which one fits best to your needs and requirements. All you need to do is to click a few tabs and press a few buttons.

What do I need to have ready before asking for a quote for van insurance?

  • Before you proceed with getting a quote there is some information which you should acquire. The following information could come in handy for us to get you a suitable plan for you:

You should know:

  • The maker of the van. Which company made it?
  • The year of registration of the van.
  • The horse power or the engine power in CCs.
  • The model of the van
  • If your van is an import and not normally found in the UK.
  • If your van has been changed or modified from the original specifications.
  • How much your van is worth.
  • Your expected annual mileage.
  • Whether your van has a security device or gadget.
  • Where you keep your van at night.
  • The age of your license.

What Does A Standard Van Insurance Policy Cover?

  • A standard van insurance policy comes with some benefits and some limitations as well. It may cover a certain mileage and will not not cover you once the mileage goes over that figure. A standard van insurance may cover accident and theft.
  • A standard van insurance may also cover accidental claims. If it does, a basic claim will cover the damages you have caused to the other vehicle if the accident was your fault. A basic insurance plan may not cover your damages if you are at fault.
  • A standard insurance plan may also cover theft. If your vehicle gets stolen, the insurance plan may cover for this and pay you the equivalent of your van’s worth. Don’t assume that you are covered for certain eventualities. Always read the policy carefully to ensure that you understand what is covered and what is not.

Types of Van Insurance

  •  Van insurance is broadly described in three different categories. They are as follows:

  • Third Party
  • Third party Fire and Theft
  • Fully comprehensive

Third Party

This type of insurance is the most basic type of insurance. It only covers damages and injuries you may cause to others. Prices may vary depending upon your experience and how old your license is. In general this type of insurance is the cheapest of all as it only covers the damages you cause to the other party. Many people choose this plan as this is not very expensive and it offers basic protection and you can get on the road with your van by paying a small sum of money.

Third party+ Fire and theft

This type of insurance offers some more benefits than a normal third party insurance. It covers damages and injuries like the above and moreover, it also covers fire and theft. If your van gets stolen or it gets burned in a fire, the insurance policy will cover it. This type of insurance is slightly more expensive than simple third party insurance policy. This covers more scenarios and is favoured by many van drivers.

Fully Comprehensive

This type of insurance is the one which offers the most benefits and securities. Normally it is more expensive than the two mentioned above. This type of insurance will cover injuries and damages you cause to others, fire and theft. It will not only cover the damages you cause to others but will also cover the damages and injuries you have suffered. As a general rule this type of insurance is the most expensive as it covers many more scenarios in comparison to the other insurance types.

What are the different types of Insurance Policy?

Standard Van Insurance

A standard van insurance will have some basic benefits and will come with its own limitations. You cannot use a standard van insurance for a business activity and file a claim. You will need to reveal this to your insurance company.

Goods In Transit Cover

If you are moving expensive cargo from one place to another or you move valuable and expensive items in your van then you might looking into goods in transit cover insurance. These expensive items may not be covered by a basic policy and you may have to protect them by purchasing a goods in transit cover policy. Very often valuable goods are broken or lost, so to keep you protected from such a mishap, this insurance be highly helpful in keeping you covered in times of such eventualities.

Courier Insurance

If you are using your van for courier delivery, then you might want to look in to the option of courier insurance policy. This type of policy can provide your goods and your van the exact type of protection needed for your activity. It provides cover for long distance and expensive cargo that you are moving. Imagine you own a courier business and your van gets involved in an accident and the goods inside break. This scenario can be covered through this policy. With this policy you can drive you van in peace.

Pickup Truck Insurance

  • If you own a pick up, then you should consider getting a van insurance as most companies do not consider pick up as a car. They offer them truck or van insurances. This greatly varies from insurance providers to insurance providers.

What are the things I should consider before getting van insurance?

  • If you are a business owner whose work is totally dependent on his van running on a day to day basis, for such owners they should make sure that they have the right kind of insurance plan in case their van gets involved in an accident, their business can recover from an accident or a theft. Such incidences can become a big sore point and can halt business activities so to keep such problems at bay a good insurance plan can always come in handy.

  • Van insurance is a legal requirement under the CIE (Continuous Insurance Enforcement) laws in the United Kingdom and, if you use your van daily is essential to your business activity, it could prove itself highly valuable to you moving forward.
  • Your insurance plan will depend on the type of can you are using and its price will be according to its specifications and dimensions. You also need to know that some insurance policies may not cover in the areas you need to be covered. It is important that your carefully discuss all factors with your insurance provider.
  • Also, sometimes vans and cargos may need specific tailored policies that provide cover for certain risks, like transporting expensive, fragile or hazardous goods.
  • How can you reduce the cost of van insurance?
  • Van insurance policies are often expensive and you need to carefully look into all options before purchasing a plan. You can do a lot of things to reduce the cost of your van’s insurance policy. Here are a few tips which will help you decrease the overall cost on insurance of the van:
  • Avoid purchasing add-ons because many of these optional features and covers are the ones which you already have covered from other policies like health insurance. You may not need to pay medical expense through your van’s insurance because that is already covered by your health insurance.
  • You can use anti-theft alarms and gadgets to reduce the risk of theft. With a reduced risk, the premium will also be reduced and this may be good thing for your pocket.
  • If you are able to, then park your car in a garage at night as that will also reduce the risk of theft and thereby reducing the cost of the insurance.
  • You should also thinking of capping your overall annual mileage as this will decrease the probability of getting in an accident. Your charges will reduce if you take such measures and reduce risk.
  • Also you should consider changing your policy provider each year as providers keep the best policy rates for new customers. They charge their old customers more and give a less rate to new clients.

Speed limits

Vans have lower speed limits than cars and car-type vans.

Type of van Built up area* Single carriageway Dual carriageway Motorway
Van 30 mph 50 mph 60 mph 70 mph
Car-type van 30 mph 60 mph 70 mph 70 mph
Van and trailer 30 mph 50 mph 60 mph 60 mph


You can get an unlimited fine and 6 to 8 penalty points for driving without insurance.

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Compare Van Insurance FAQs

Why do I need Van Insurance?
  • When on the road there is always a possibility that something might go wrong and this can be devastating. From road accidents to engine break downs and accidental injuries, plenty of things can go wrong all in the blink of an eye. On average an accident claim can cost up to £1000, which is why it is critically important have potential losses covered by a reliable insurance policy. Imagine you get involved in a car accident and you have an insurance policy to cover for it – wouldn’t you feel relieved? That is why it is important to have an insurance policy at hand to cover your losses.
Who do we include in MoneyPugs Van Insurance comparison?

We include every UK Van insurer that offers insurance for the Vans. They are all regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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