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4×4 Insurance

If you own a 4×4, you will know that the insurance can be expensive. 4X4 insurance is usually more costly than that for smaller and less weighty cars. But when you compare the cost of 4×4 insurance online, you can get great deals that can lower the cost of insuring such vehicles significantly.

Compare 4×4 Insurance With Money Pug

By comparing 4×4 insurance with Money Pug, you can make sure that you do not spend more than you really need to to get the level of cover that you require. Compare prices today to see the best deals and you might be amazed by how much you could save.


Why is 4×4 insurance so costly?

There are a number of reasons why it can be expensive to insure a 4×4 vehicle. The reasons include:


  • which car insurance group the vehicle falls within. (The range is 1-50 and most 4×4 are all the upper end of that scale, falling within the 30 to 50 groups.)
  • the car’s weight. (4×4 are heavier vehicles and, as such, attract higher premiums. This is because, with their weight and size, though less likely to sustain damage in an accident themselves, they are more likely to cause damage to smaller vehicles.)
  • the cost of repairs. (The heavy duty or specialised parts of 4×4 vehicles often make them costly to repair – often, a part on a 4×4 can cost more than ten times the average cost to repair that part on a car.)


How To Reduce the Cost of 4×4 Insurance

As with other vehicles, there are things you can do to reduce the cost of your 4×4 car insurance. You can, for example:

  • Consider a move to a ‘safer’ area. (Yes, it might seem extreme to move for lower premiums, but where you live will have a huge bearing on how much you have to pay.)
  • Park your 4×4 in a garage or on a driveway/ private area rather than on the road. (This may make it less likely to be damaged or stolen and could bring down your car insurance premiums.)
  • Limit your annual mileage. (Most insurers will ask you how many miles you intend to cover in your 4×4 in the course of a year. Limiting the amount that you drive will usually bring down your premiums. Don’t be attempted to lie about this though. Just walk or get on a bike instead, or consider car share or public transport options.)
  • Don’t be tempted to add any modifications. (Upgrades and other changes can increase the risk of your vehicle being stolen, which can increase the cost of your premiums.)
  • Increase your voluntary excess. (This is the amount you will have to pay before the insurance will pay out. Remember not to exceed this beyond the point of affordability – make sure it is still an amount that you will be able to find and pay at short notice.)

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