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Compare Prepaid Travel Cards with Money Pug

  • If you are going on holiday, one of the questions that you should ask yourself is how you will pay for purchases while you are away. One of the ways that you could affordably travel and spend is with a prepaid travel card. Money Pug can make it easy for you to compare a wide range of prepaid travel cards that are currently on the market, so you can spend in safety and avoid overspending when arranging for and spending your travel money.

What are the benefits of a prepaid travel card?


  • They are a convenient way to spend.

  • You can avoid foreign exchange charges.

  • You can’t overspend if you get carried away while on your holidays.

  • They are safer than credit or debit cards as if someone steals it, they cannot go on a serious spending spree and can only ever spend the amount preloaded on it.

  • Since there is no credit facility on these cards, you can get one even if you have a poor credit history.

  • What do you need to look out for when choosing a prepaid travel card?

  • Card application fees. (The charge for getting your prepaid card).

  • ATM withdrawal fees. (How much it will cost to take money out at a cash machine.)

  • Top Up Charges (How much it will cost if you have to add more onto your card.)

  • Dormancy Fees (Fees charged if you do not use your card for a certain period of time.)

  • Card renewal or replacement fees. (How much it will cost to replace the card if you need to.)

  • How the card can be topped up. (E.g. face to face, by phone, online..)


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