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Compare Business Broadband and Phone Packages With Money Pug

  • It is impossible to run a business without excellent communication, and in the modern world, that means having a way to get online and access the Internet quickly and efficiently, as well as having a reliable phone line to your place of work. Without the right business broadband and phone package, your business could quickly flounder. Money Pug helps you to make sure you get the business broadband and phone deal that you need, for the least amount possible. When you compare business broadband and phone packages with Money Pug, you can rest assured that you are getting accurate quotes for the main broadband and phone providers. We put the control firmly back in your hands, so you can set up the right deals for your business in the first place, and switch to a better business broadband and phone deal when necessary.

How Does Business Broadband Differ From Home Broadband?

Business broadband and phone deals are specifically tailored to meet the specific needs of a business (of any size) rather than the needs of a domestic home. The added features of a business account can include prioritised customer support, faster upload speeds, static IP addresses and enhanced security. Let’s take a closer look at the features that business broadband deals might include:

Better Customer Support

Business broadband providers understand that losing your connection, even for a short period of time, could have a severe and detrimental effect on your business. It could make a serious dent in your profits, or at very least lower productivity. Because they recognise this fact, business broadband providers often offer front-of-queue, 24 hour customer support to make sure that if something does go wrong, you are up and running again as soon as possible.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

It is a good idea, when shopping around for a business broadband and phone deal, to look for suppliers that offer a service level agreement (SLA). This will guarantee what you can expect in terms of sorting out any problems within a given period of time, as well as giving a guarantee of connection speeds and minimising downtime. If these guarantees are not met then you may be able to get some compensation from the broadband provider.

A Static IP Address

An IP address is the code that identifies a given computer when it goes online. With a home broadband package, IP is usually dynamic, which means that it changes every time you log on. With a broadband package, the IP address will stay the same. This is important because a static IP address allows you to do a lot of different things. For example, it would allow you to run a CCTV system, a server, or to host a website. A static IP address can also help to minimise downtime, so for many businesses it can be an essential part of their broadband deal.

Enhanced Security

Internet security should be a priority for any business, and it is becoming increasingly important that companies protect themselves against cyber security threats such as malware, trojans and viruses as well as attacks by hackers. Business broadband providers recognise that this is a priority for business customers and offer enhanced security to help keep your company safe.

Faster Broadband Speeds

Business broadband offers tend to offer faster upload speeds than standard broadband services. Speeds should be faster in general too, since there will be fewer people using the line at the same time as you.

Phone Service Included

Often, a business broadband package will allow you to make calls over the internet as well as run large telephone systems for your office or place of work.

More Powerful Hardware

As your business blossoms and expands, you may find that standard routers are not powerful enough to meet your increased needs. Adding a large number of new computers and devices can sometimes leave standard routers unable to cope. The good news is that business broadband packages usually include as standard bigger, better more powerful and more secure routers.

What Types of Business Broadband Can I Get?

  •  There are two main types of broadband that are generally available for business customers. These are:


A basic business ADSL line could be enough for a small business. With standard ADSL connection, the broadband is made available through the same line as your landline phone service. ADSL connections are available no matter where you live, to over 99% of the UK population.

Fibre Broadband:

Fibre broadband is the fastest way to get online. It offers much faster speeds than most ADSL connections and can be ideal for business use. With a fibre connection, the broadband is delivered through underground cables made of plastic or glass. Unfortunately, depending on where your business is based, you may find that fibre is not yet an option in your area.

  • No matter who you choose to go with for your business broadband and phone deals, when you compare with Money Pug, you will know that you will have all the facts at your disposal before you make your decision. Choosing to compare with Money Pug is just one more smart decision that you can make for the future of your business.

Business Broadband & Phone FAQs

Is Business Broadband More Expensive Than Standard Broadband?
  • Unfortunately, the answer to this question is typically yes. But as discussed above, you may need to pay a bit more in order to get the additional features and services that usually come with business broadband deals and to continue to run your business well and efficiently.
What Do I Need To Start Comparing Business Broadband and Phone Deals?

As is the case with domestic broadband packages, business broadband and phone packages available to you will depend on your geographical location. In order to start comparing deals with Money Pug, all you have to do is provide your postcode, after which we will select the deals to show you that are right for you.

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