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Compare Pet Insurance with Money Pug


  • We all love our pets. They are members of our families. We need to know that should the worst happen and our pet be injured or become ill, we can get them the treatment that they need. It is important to get the best deal possible when keeping a pet, so we know we can deal with unpredictable situations such as accidents and injuries.
  • Theft can also be a danger. Pets are expensive and though we don’t like to think about it, they can be stolen. Money Pug helps you to find the best pet insurance deals suited to your needs, also saving you money and helping to ensure your pet’s safety. Although the process might seem complicated at first, Money Pug’s easy-to-use comparison website will show you all the various options and deals available to you and make the whole process so much easier.

What Do I Need To Have Ready Before Comparing Pet Insurance?

  • Before getting your pet insurance you will need to have some information ready. You may be asked a few questions before you are offered a quote. These questions will also depend on the type of pet you plan on keeping. Some of the general questions that you will be asked are as the following:
  • The age of the pet
  • The bread and the specie of the pet
  • The health of the pet after thorough evaluation
  • The cost of the pet
  • Medical history
  • And its behaviour in the past

What does a standard pet insurance cover?

A standard pet insurance covers some basic aspects. Some of these features are standard policy features but you can have add-ons and get more than the standard. However, here are a few of these standard features:

  • The medical treatment and the vet fees may be covered
  • If it gets lost, the advertisement cost may be covered
  • Liability cover
  • Cattery/ kennel fees
  • Insurance companies may have exceptions to what they might offer so it is highly important to carefully read their brochure before purchasing a policy for your pet.

There could be exemptions which usually include cover for routine check-ups, pre-existing medical conditions and behavioural problems.

The different types of pet insurance:

Accident only:

In case there is an accident and your pet gets injured, this type of insurance will pay for the vet’s bill and the medication your pet required to recover. This is to most commonly purchased insurance as it covers the most important aspect. Veterinary treatments can be highly expensive and go up to £1000

Time limited:

This type of a policy only covers a time period for instance 12 months. People use it to buy when their pets are young or when they are growing in to adults. Puppies and kittens are more vulnerable to death than adult cats or dogs so in general people insure their pet for the first 6 months or year.

Per condition:

You can have an insurance which gives some benefits when certain conditions occur on a pet like illness. This can be beneficial in some circumstances


This type of insurance is for your pet’s lifetime. This is the most expensive type of insurance as the life span of the pet is unknown. For all its life, the insurance provider will pay vet and medical bills if your pet gets sick.

How to reduce the cost of pet insurance

  • Insurance is not only provided for cats and dogs but for other animals too like rabbits and birds. You can also have insurance for reptiles like turtles and tortoise. The insurance prices for these may greatly vary as treatment expense may vary for different animals.
  • To reduce the cost of the pet insurance it is always wise to compare and get several quotes for your pet. Also there are many factors which you can keep in mind whilst getting an insurance for your pet. Some of these factors could be as following:
  • To save money on pet insurance policy you must take good care of your pet and keep it healthy because when a doctor evaluates, a healthy pet will have less risk of getting sick and dying early. The lesser the risk of falling expense means less expenditure at the vet. Insurance companies offer lower rates to healthy pets and to people who love their pets. People who love their pets do not want to see their pets sick so this secures the insurance company
  • If you have more than one pet then getting one insurance policy for both the pets may save you up to 15%. Many insurance companies offer single policy for multiple pets.
  • If you purchase an annual insurance policy for your pet this may be less expensive. Paying out for many months at once is more feasible for the insurance companies so they offer some discount on that.
  • Keeping pets which are young may also save you money because pets that are older than 7 years old have a 20% higher policy rate. Young pets which have a less risk of falling sick have cheaper policies in comparison.

Why compare pet insurance quotes with Money Pug?

  • If your pet develops a pre-existing condition, then your insurance policy might not cover that. For instance your dog develops diabetes, then this might not be covered by your insurance plan. You need to carefully discuss the level of protection and cover your insurance provider is willing to offer.

Pre-existing conditions for your pet What’s not covered?

  • Read your insurance policy carefully as there are many scenarios which may not be covered. It is always wise to know what is not covered. Some of those situations are as follows:
  • If an event occurs due to a pre-existing condition or it has some connection to then your claim may not be covered. Insurance providers are very strict with pre-existing conditions
  • You cannot make a claim once your limit of vet fee has been exceeded. You will have to pay out of your own pocket to continue your pet’s treatment once your limit has been exceeded.
  • You cannot ask for a claim within 10 days after your pet has been covered. In order to make your claim your policy has to be older than 10 days.
  • You cannot make claims for vaccinations and anti-flea treatments for your pet. Insurance policies do not cover hygiene related activities.
  • Non-essential or routine treatment or costs
  • Treatments which do not come under medical emergencies may not be covered.
  • Most insurance providers are very strict with their policies that is why it is important to read carefully when they offer you quotes. The key to getting the right plan is by asking the right questions. Money pug enables you to compare quotes and helps you decide the right policy. With money pug you can have all the options at your table.


Compare Pet Insurance FAQs

Why Do I Need Pet Insurance?
  • When keeping a pet, there is always a possibility that something might go wrong. From thefts to injuries which may require medical attention, one in five of us won’t have a policy protecting valuable pets and more importantly yourself from harm! On average, a medical claim on a pet policy can account to just under £700. It is important to have potential losses covered and choose what different features of the policy you would like such as theft and medical cover. Also, if you love your pet and your pet has become a part of your family, then you might consider getting a pet insurance. People who are pet lovers get their pets insured.
How much is pet insurance in general?

Pet insurance can vary greatly and prices too can differ widely. This may be because of the type of policy you wish to purchase. Some plans offer more cover than others. It also depends on the age and the breed of your pet. If you have an old pet its insurance may be higher than a pet of a younger age.

Why compare pet insurance quotes with Money Pug?

It is important to compare quotes on website like Money Pug before getting an insurance policy as this will save you time and money. Money Pug enables users to find the right pet policy – one which suits their needs and also looks after their wallets. Comparing quotes on Money Pug means you are discovering all the rates available to you. Once all the rates appear to you, you can successfully choose the right plan for you. Remember, cheaper is not necessarily better – the cheapest pet policies may not offer the level of cover your pet needs. Finding the right policy means more than finding a cheap policy. The right policy has the right balance between cover and price – that is why it is so important to compare your quotes on Money Pug, where all the information you need to make

Who do we include in MoneyPugs Pet Insurance comparison?

We include every UK Pet insurer that offers insurance for pets. They are all regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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