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Spread the cost of your handset across your contract

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Free EU Roaming
Free Apple Music
Data Boost
UK & Ireland Call Centres


20% OFF For Students No Discount Code Needed

Three Mobile


Spread the cost of your handset across your contract

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Get treats 'n' stuff every week with the Wuntu app. Only for Three customers.
Free EU Roaming
Stream your favourite shows and music infinitely without using up your data


Get the Wuntu app. Only on Three. Free stuff on Three

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Priority is your VIP pass to all sorts of exclusive treats. Big and small.
Free EU Roaming
O2 Rewards


Students Get 20% off your Airtime Plan, when you sign up No Code Needed



Spread the cost of your handset across your contract

Pay Monthly Benefits

With a pay monthly Red Entertainment plan, customers can enjoy 24 months of access to TV channels like Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, MTV and Gold with the NOW TV Entertainment Pass, which includes more than 250 box sets – you’ll never be stuck for a new show to get into.
Free EU Roaming


Students at participating universities in the UK can get a 10% discount on Vodafone Pay monthly plans.
If you’re an existing customer you’ll get a 15% discount on any additional plan - whether it’s a phone or tablet for the kids, or a SIM only plan packed with data for you.

Carphone Warehouse


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At Carphone Warehouse. Our Price Promise means if you find a cheaper deal anywhere else, we’ll match it and pay the first month of your contract.
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Hello? Whose calling? Common sense.

Great deals can be had for all your mobile phone needs – but to find those great deals, you have to shop around. On this website you can find all the information you need to make an informed decision about your mobile phone, whether you are looking for a phone contract, a sim only deal, or a sim-free phone. We can help you make sure you have the right phone for you, at the best possible prices, allowing you to compare prices for deals from all the major networks, for phones made by all the main manufacturers. We have all the best mobile phone deals all in one place, so it is easier than ever to compare mobile phone deals, mobile phones and networks. 

Compare Contracts

If you are looking for a new mobile phone contract then you have most definitely come to the right place. We make it easy for you to find cheap phone contracts, no matter what exactly you are looking for in terms of your data allowance, texts, calls and pricing. 

Phone contracts can make it easier to always make sure you are connected – but getting tied into the wrong deal can be a real pain in the neck. Make sure that you are fully informed before you sign on the dotted line, or you may end up paying over the odds for an inferior service. 

We’ve had sure to do the legwork for you, so you can compare phone contracts based on the things you need and want from your mobile phone. 

Apple iPhone Contracts

If you are an Apple fan and don’t really want to consider a phone that is not run on their operating system then why spend ages wading through deals for other handsets? Search and compare all the best deals on all the latest iPhones today, to find fantastic offers from a range of networks and suppliers. Don’t spend over the odds on your Apple iPhone contract – shop savvy and compare prices to find the best option on an Apple handset today.

Samsung Galaxy Contracts

Want to get rid of all those bad Apples and stick with Android? Samsung Galaxy mobile contracts could be just what you are looking for. Samsung phones are practically synonymous with the Android operating system. If the latest Samsung Galaxy is the must-have phone for you, search this comparison site for Samsung Galaxy contracts today, to find stratospheric savings on deals with all the latest phones. 

Other Mobile Contracts

Of course, Apple and Samsung phones are not the only options. We allow you to compare loads of other options too – from other Androids, to Microsoft phones, and others – you will always be able to find great deals on the smartphones that work best for you. 

Compare Sim Only Deals

Happy with your existing smartphone? Want to keep your handset? If you’re out of contract and you’d like to switch network without switching your phone, we can help you get great SIM only deals from a wide range of different networks. 

Even if you don’t switch networks, it might be smart to switch to a SIM only deal if you don’t want to upgrade your phone, otherwise the supplier will continue charging you the same monthly fee as they did when you were paying for your handset. Going SIM-only could be a good way to cut your monthly outgoings and save some money. 

Perhaps you’ve saved up and bought your smartphone outright, so you could choose a SIM only deal, which can work out much cheaper than a standard phone contract. More and more people are opting to do just that.

What is a SIM Only Deal?

SIM only deals are contracts that include minutes, text and data for a monthly fee, but don’t include an actual phone. Since they don’t include the handset, these deals are usually a lot cheaper than a standard mobile phone contract. 

A SIM card is a microchip around the size of a postage stamp that holds all the mobile phone’s configuration information – including the phone number of the mobile, and the call plan. Without a SIM card, a mobile phone will not work. Once a SIM card has been activated, it is permanently locked to a particular network – though not to a particular phone. That means that you can easily change handsets but hold onto your old number, along with contacts and any messages or photos saved onto the SIM. 

Switching Network

Want to switch network? Whether you want to switch to a SIM-only deal, or have simply found a better contract deal elsewhere, the process can sometimes seem a little confusing. Here is a brief guide to switching network while keeping your old mobile phone number:

Say Goodbye to your old network and request a mobile PAC code.

Your old network may attempt to retain your custom. Be polite, but firmly state that you intend to switch. If they put you through to retentions, simply restate that you merely want a PAC code and have made up your mind.

Contact your new network and give them the PAC code.

The cancellation process with the old network will automatically begin. The process will usually be completed by the next working day, though can take a little longer, especially over the weekend.

Check the SIM works in your phone and the number has ported across.

Place the SIM in your handset and make a call, or ask someone to give you a ring to check that your old number is active. 

(From 1st July 2019 you’ll be able to request your PAC code just by sending a text message to the network you are leaving.)

Compare Sim-Free Mobile Phones

Want to buy a handset outright so you can shop around for cheap SIM-only deals? Here you can compare a wide range of SIM free mobile phones. No contract means you are free to choose any network, and you can save hundreds of pounds compared to phone-and-tariff contracts.

The Latest Top Phones

iOS Phones:

Looking for an iOS phone to buy outright, or want to find a deal with the latest Apple smartphone models? We can help you compare prices and find the right option for you. Our comparison service lets you easily compare prices and other factors on a wide range of iOS phones. 

Want to be one of the first to have the new iPhone XI? We can help you find exactly what you are looking for, whether you want to buy the phone outright or find a fantastic new contract deal.

We can also help you find and compare deals on iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 or older iPhone models.

Top Android Phones:

Do you prefer an Android phone? If so, we can help you find and compare great deals on all the latest Android phones – from top of the range models to economy ranges. Want the latest hot new Samsung phones, for example? 

We can show you all the best deals on the Samsung Galaxy s9 and Samsung Galaxy s9 Plus, so you can get the hottest new Android handsets around. 

We also allow you to compare prices and other factors for older models, including the Samsung Galaxy s8 and Samsung Galaxy s7, plus a whole host of other Android options.

Compare Mobile Phones By Network

Perhaps you are happy with your current phone network, perhaps their service has left a little something to be desired. Either way, it never hurts to be informed about the competition that is out there and to get a general sense of what the market has to offer. 

On this site you will find plenty of mobile phones and contract deals from the major UK phone networks – but if you are not familiar with those networks, it can be more difficult to decide whether a certain deal is right for you. 

To help you make your decision when comparing mobile phones by network, here is a little information on each of the networks you might encounter as you shop around for the best mobile phone contracts and deals:


O2 offers long-running customer reward schemes that may make it worth while sticking with them, and often have competitive tariffs for those who wish to switch to them. Look out for their money-off offers, which can save you a lot in certain situations.


EE’s network coverage is the most extensive in the UK, with excellent 4G speeds up to five times faster than 3G. So if speed is your thing, or you’re likely to be in areas where coverage from other networks is patchy then EE could be your best bet.

Three Mobile

One of the things that makes Three Mobile stand out from the crowd are its competitive and comprehensive international roaming scheme. Called ‘Go Roam’, this scheme allows you to use your phone in up to 60 locations for no extra change – great if you’re a frequent flyer for work, or are planning a round-the-world travel adventure.


Vodaphone are consistently rated as one of the best carriers in terms of coverage. Vodaphone also stands out for providing a choice of free streaming services and inclusive roaming on all plans.


Plusnet, taking over from LIFE mobile, uses EE’s extensive 4G coverage to offer contracts that include capped data to avoid unexpected bills, and at competitive prices. 


Giffgaff is often rated by customers as amongst the UK’s best-value operators, with cheap deals often offered. Aside from the affordable pricing, Giffgaff’s flexible plans are also a major selling point for many.

BT Mobile

BT offers a fast 4G service – at discounted prices for broadband and TV customers, so it could make sense for you to go with them for your mobile as well as other services at home for package deals that might save you a bundle.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is another operator that uses EE’s extensive 4G network. They have flexible tariffs and also offer great discounts for broadband and TV customers. 

iD Mobile

iD Mobile stands out from the crowd for its competitive prices, flexible 4G contracts and inclusive roaming in 52 locations. They also have capped charges that prevent you from overspending by mistake.

Lebara Mobile

Sim only deals from Lebara Mobile offer some of the cheapest international and national call and texts around. Lebara uses Vodaphone’s network and so offers pretty comprehensive UK coverage.

Tesco Mobile

Tesco is the UK’s largest Mobile Virtual Network Operator. When you go with Tesco, you will be using O2’s network. Tesco mobile users will get clubcard points that they can put towards their shopping in the store. 


When you sign up for a FreedomPop SIM you can download the app for its VOIP service and make calls and send texts over the Internet for no extra charge. (This is available for iPhones and Android only).


This is a SIM only network that has been built to be ‘simple and honest’. Its unique selling point is that it will take into account your unused data at the end of each month and turn that into a discount on your next bill. 


Aimed at those aged 25 or younger, Vox’s flexible 30 day SIM-only deals let you switch plans incredibly easily – great for those who don’t want to be tied down. Also, you can use social media and messaging apps without using your data allowance and there are no credit checks.

Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile SIM-only deals pair free data rollover with inclusive roaming in 36 locations in and beyond the EU. Flexible contracts allow you to change your allowances to suit your usage when that alters over time. 


Talkmobile is billed as a ‘value network operator’ which offers well-priced tariffs. Offering straightforward value, Talkmobile also offer 99% coverage and UK-based customer support.

TPO Mobile

The People’s Operator bills itself as a different kind of carrier. They offer keenly priced call rates and are committed to raising money for good causes. 

TalkTalk Mobile

TalkTalk’s major selling points are its good value and flexible contracts. Note though – TalkTalk Mobile is only available to existing broadband and landline phone customers. 

Do you have a better idea now of which network is right for you? Compare mobile deals by network now, to see what your preferred networks have to offer right now.

Compare Mobile Phones By Manufacturer

Sometimes, you might be less interested in the contract or network and more interested in comparing deals for phones by a certain handset manufacturer. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Perhaps you are an Apple aficionado, or think Google are great. Perhaps you simply can’t live without the latest Samsung mobile, or maybe Microsoft makes the phones for you… these are only some of the many options out there, and sometimes the choice can be overwhelming. 

Sometimes, it can be easy to simply go with what you know. But are you missing out on something great? To give you a bit of a starting point when comparing mobile phones, here is a brief guide to the main handset manufacturers who make the mobile phones that you will be able to compare on this website:


Apple are, of course, the makers of iPhones. Apple iPhones are said to be amongst the most user-friendly of smartphones. Of course, running on the iOS, iPhones also come with the world of smartphones’ most extensive collection of apps and games, many of which are completely free to download.


The Samsung Galaxy brand is synonymous with Android smartphones, and there is a highly regarded range to choose from – from the top end Galaxy S and Galaxy Note models, to the cheaper Galaxy Ace handsets.


Sony handsets have been praised for their suite of useful functions and for their solid build quality. 


From the One range to the revived Desire smartphone brand, HTC is behind some of the best known handsets in the tech world. 


According to some, LG smartphones are worth considering for their good quality materials, and high-grade cameras. 


Motorola’s mobile phones are competitively priced, yet offer good specs for such a low price. They are also said to be simple and easy to use.


OnePlus phones have exclusive Dash Charge technology and OxygenOS operating system – built quality and cameras are said to be good on these smartphones. 


One of the largest phone manufacturers in China, Huawei is bidding to be one of the largest in Europe now too. Their phones stand out for affordable price points, neat, compact handsets and premium build materials. 


Many regard Google’s Nexus phones as the very best of Android. They do away with novelty functions that few people use, are keenly priced, and offer the very latest versions of the operating system.


Microsoft phones are powered by Windows Phone OS and combine the software’s distinctive live-tile layout with exclusive apps such as Cortana and mobile office. 


Blackberry handsets team their advanced email capabilities with the BBM instant messaging service and high-grade security features. Blackberries are available with physical keyboards or touch screens. 

Have a better idea now of what each of the phone manufacturers can offer? Compare deals on all the latest phones from each of the above companies to find the right deals for you with the phone you truly desire.

No matter what you are looking for, our comparison site can help you save money when you select your mobile phones and mobile phone contracts. Don’t pay over the odds for your data, calls and texts – don’t get locked into contracts that don’t really meet your everyday needs. Shop around to find fantastic mobile phone deals to suit every budget and every individual’s specific requirements.

How Do I Change To a SIM Only Deal?

If you want to change to a SIM Only deal with your existing network, the first thing to do is check whether you are out of contract and have fulfilled your contractual obligations. The easiest way to check is simply to phone up your network and ask. Tell your network that you will like to switch to the SIM only deal that you've selected through using our comparison service. All being as it should be, you will then simply be transferred to your new SIM only deal 30 days after your current contract was due to end – easy as pie!

Want to Pay As You Go SIM-only Contract?

Pay as you go SIM-only deals could be a good choice if you have a poor credit rating and are rejected for a longer term contract phone deal. Pay as you go SIM only deals, which allow you to pay month by month, can also be a good choice if you want a very flexible arrangement. These monthly rolling arrangements can be good if you are on a tight budget – starting from not much more than £5 per month. 

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