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We really are living in the Golden Age of television! There are more ways to watch our favourite shows than ever before and a high quality of broadcasting means that there is almost always something worth watching. Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Freeview… there are plenty of choices. Choosing a digital TV package can sometimes seem overwhelming. But when you choose to use Money Pug’s handy comparison service, it is easier to see all your options in one place and to find the right deal for you.

What to Consider With Comparing TV Packages

There are many different factors to consider when comparing TV packages. There are a series of questions that you should ask yourself. For example:

  • Is HD broadcasting a must have for you?
  • Do you want the freedom to pause, record and rewind live TV?
  • Are you keen to watch on-demand TV services?
  • Are you into sports, documentaries or movies, will you want any additional packages?
  • It is a good idea, when comparing deals for TV, to look at the following important issues:
  • The quality of the broadband service (if included) – speed and data allowance.
  • Number of channels offered.
  • Installation cost (if there is any).
  • Set-top box cost (if there is any).
  • The length of the contract offered.
  • The TV shows that you are keen to see (some of which may only be available on specific options).

What Sorts of Digital TV are available?

There are a number of different types of digital TV offers available. To help you understand what is on offer, here is a brief guide to the different digital TV options:


With satellite TV, the TV is delivered into your home via communications satellites, which beam signals to a satellite dish and receiver box in your home.


In many homes across the UK, it is also possible to get digital TV through the UK’s cable networks. Cable TV is delivered into your home using a network of fibre optic cables.


With this option, TV is delivered over your broadband Internet connection.

Freeview Box

Freeview is a free, terrestrial digital TV service, which is accessed through a set-top box.


YouView is a subscription free TV service with over 70 digital channels and seven-day catch up on on-demand TV channels. These boxes come free with BT and Talk Talk bundles.

Should I get a TV Bundle with Broadband and Home Phone?

Many service providers provide great deals when you choose a package which includes TV, broadband and home phone service. Choosing one of these deals could offer a cheaper monthly cost than going for each of these services separately. Having only one bill can also be more convenient.

Do I have to Get a Satellite Dish for my Home?

Free digital TV services like Freeview don't require a satellite dish, so all you will need is a set-to box. Digital satellite TV services like Sky, however, will require a dish to be installed on your home. Installing a dish requires an expert, but don't worry – this will be handled by the satellite TV provider

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