How To Haggle Down Prices

Cut Costs for Your Broadband, Phone Phone and Television Services

  • The market for home broadband, phone and television services is a competitive one, and companies are desperate to keep their customers. This is great news for consumers as it means that the power is well and truly in our hands. Money Pug is all about helping individuals use the power they have to their advantage, save money and get the best deals. To that end, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you learn how to haggle down prices and pay less for the internet, phone and television services that you receive in your home.

Why Searching and Switching to a Good Deal is Not Enough

So, you’ve found a great deal for your broadband and phone, or a great TV, phone and internet bundle through Money Pug’s website. That is fantastic. But things can change. Providers hike prices pretty much every year these days, and promotional deals will end. Often, when something changes, it is time to consider another switch. But switching provider is not your only option. Existing customers can learn a lesson from the souks, and try a spot of haggling. Haggling can save you hundreds of pounds – better savings than you can achieve through switching alone.

Why Should I Bother to Haggle?

  • The general rule of thumb is that you don’t ask, you don’t get. Making demands and forcing companies to fight to keep your custom can yield some truly impressive results. There are some huge savings to be made. Remember when you are asking for something, to speak clearly, stay calm, and to explain why you think it would be fair for you to get a better deal. There is often far more flexibility in your existing deal than you may have imagined.
  • Bargaining chips might include the fact that the better deal is being offered to ‘new’ customers of the same service provider, or that another comparable deal from another company is more competitively priced. You can also bargain using the fact that you have been a loyal customer for a number of years, or that you have received bad speeds/ service in the past. Remember, the worst they can say is ‘no’ – and if they do, it might be time to switch. What do you have to lose?

How To Haggle:

When you are trying to get the best deal, the key is to make your displeasure clear without being impolite (remember the person on the end of the phone is just an employee, trying to do their job).Your aim initially is to be put through to ‘customer disconnections’ – often known internally as ‘retentions’ as their job is to keep your custom if they can. Remember, when haggling, or negotiating a better deal, that the power is in your hands and companies want to keep your loyalty.

Tips For Successful Haggling:

  • Get your timing right

Timing can be important when it comes to haggling. You are likely to have the best luck in negotiating a better deal if your existing contract is about to come to an end. At this point, companies will be keen to keep you from moving to a different service provider.

  • Use mid-contract price hikes as a bargaining chip

If your service provider hikes prices mid-contract, this could also be a good time to get on the phone and hone those haggling skills. Ofcom rules mean that you may be able to leave a contract penalty free if prices are raised during a contract term. If you want to stay, this can put you in a stronger haggling position.

  • Do your research and come armed with facts and figures

There is no point going to a company to try to negotiate a better deal unless you are armed with the facts and figures you need to make a good point. Money Pug can help you determine the prices that new customers are paying for the same services that you receive, and also what deals are available from other providers. Check out the best broadband, phone and digital TV deals on Money Pug’s website and earmark the best ones to discuss with the person on the end of the phone as you discuss what they can do for you.

  • Decide what you really need and want

Before you begin haggling, it is important to be clear in your own head about what you really want and need in terms of broadband, phone and TV. It is a good idea to come into the negotiations with an idea in your mind of what your hard-lines are, and the minimum that would might be willing to accept to stay with the company.

  • Get put through to retentions

Loyalty is a major weapon in your arsenal. Your first goal is to be put through to the retentions department. Tell them that you want to move to a new provider, and you are discontent with your current deal/ service. Once you are put through to retentions, they will ask you why you want to leave – and the real negotiation will begin. Staff on this line are often empowered to give serious discounts and their job is to keep you with the company. These are the people you need to talk to.

  • Use your best people skills

Remember that you are dealing with people here. If you are angry or aggressive, you will simply annoy them and make it far less likely that they will be minded to offer you their best possible deal. Be firm, but polite, and if you can, have a bit of a laugh with the person at the end of the line, and turn on the charm.

  • Don’t accept their first offer

The first offer you are given will not usually be the best one. Don’t be afraid to stay on the line and haggle a little harder if you are still not happy with the price. There are certain useful phrases that can help to move the negotiation along. You could say:

– “With my budget, the absolute maximum I can pay is £ X a month.”

– “X Company say they can do it for less.”

– “That still seems like rather a lot of money for what I get.”

– “Is that really the very best you can do?”

– “I think my husband/wife/partner would go crazy if I agreed to that figure!”

– “Hmm, well, I’ll need to think about it…”

  • Don’t fill the silences

The retentions staff may try to push you to agree to a ‘time-limited’ offer, or try to make you feel awkward and capitulate by staying silent. Don’t feel pressured to fill any silences or agree quickly to a deal you are not sure about. Stay calm, and wait. They may fill the silence with a better offer.

  • Don’t worry that they will disconnect you

Some people are afraid to haggle because they are worried about being disconnected. But the power in in your hands. If they call your bluff and say that they will disconnect you, you can simply say something like, “Hold on. I’ll call you back about that. I’d just prefer to check with my wife/husband/partner before you do…”

  • Ask if they will throw in extras if they won’t drop prices

If you are not having any luck in getting lower monthly prices, you could also consider negotiation on other added extras. It could be worthwhile asking what else they might be prepared to throw in.

  • Call again to talk to someone different

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. There are rumours that staff at different companies have quotas relating to how many deals they can do. Whether or not that is true, you may have more luck calling back on a different day and speaking with someone else.

  • If they really won’t budge, it is time to switch

Remember, if at the end of all the haggling, you are still not happy with what they are prepared to offer, you have all the power. You can vote with your feet and move somewhere that can offer you something better.

The Best TV, Internet and Phone Companies To Haggle With

When it comes to haggling, your chances of success will vary depending on which company you are dealing with. Here are some of the best Broadband, phone and TV companies to haggle with:


  • Sky TV and Broadband – haggling with Sky has a 85% success rate, with 56% of respondents saying in a survey that they had achieved a big success.

  • Virgin Media TV & Broadband – those who haggled with Virgin Media had an 82% success rate and 39% had a big success.

  • BT TV & Broadband – 80% of hagglers achieved a win with BT and 44% said it was a big success.

  • TalkTalk TV & Broadband – 80% of hagglers also saved when talking to TalkTalk, 30% of respondents said it was a big success.

  • Plusnet TV & Broadband – 78% of hagglers succeeded in getting a better deal with Plusnet, and 38% said it was a big success.

If you are not happy with your current deal, give it a go. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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