• City breaks can be a great holiday option. They can allow you to quickly get a sense of a people and a country in places that have a wide range of accommodation options and all the amenities you could possibly require. There is almost invariably great food and drink and a plethora of high quality entertainment. There will be landmarks, museums, art galleries and institutes, gardens, shopping and nightlife galore in almost any city you care to mention. There are many wonderful cities to visit in Europe and around the world that have many amazing cultural and historic attractions and which will always leave you wanting more. The only problem will be deciding which of them you would like to visit next. 
  • Whether you want a cultural trip, a romantic rendezvous, family-friendly fun or a wild adventure, a city break could be the perfect option for your next short break. There are so many city break destinations to choose from so if you are struggling to narrow it down, here are a few suggestions for city breaks in Europe that might be just the ticket:


Visit the city of love, where you can take a boat ride on the Seine, climb the Eiffel Tower or climb the white steps to gleaming Montmartre. Enjoy artwork in the Louvre or the Musee D’Orsay, browse the books in Shakespeare and Co. or have a candlelit dinner and dance ’til dawn under the moonlight. But Paris is not only for lovers. Anyone can enjoy strolling the charming streets and elegant boulevards and getting to know the hidden corners of this beautiful city.


Why not make for this city of bikes, beauty, culture and canals. Soak up the atmosphere on a bike ride round the city then visit some of the many artistic and historical sites that you will find around the city. Amsterdam has well and truly shed its former rather hedonistic character and it feels as though this is a city that has grown up, a place of simple pleasures and understated charm.


Prague is a magical place – it has the amazing ability to be all things to all people. Its quaint streets and impressive facades can be really romantic or rouse instead a merely academic passion about history. Its coffee shops and intricate cakes can give an impression of great sophistication and class and yet the cheap alcohol and boozy culture make this a great place for a stag or hen do before you say ‘I do’, a place to put the hair up and attend the opera, or well and truly let your hair down.


Wander along the dreamy streets of Budapest, gazing up at the fin de siècle façades. Gaze also at the romantic Danube, which is rarely blue, and cross it on the beautiful bridges. Sip tea or coffee in a beautiful cafe. Climb up the hill to Buda old town and enjoy the views out over the city then stroll back down to Pest for the quirky courtyards and Bohemian drinking scene of the old Jewish quarter.


Barcelona is great for the whole family. This could just be the perfect place to enjoy a combination of beachside bliss and avant guard culture. The whole family will have a great time from beach, to gallery to child-friendly restaurants. Whether or not you want to see many of the main attractions, Barcelona is just a great place to be.


If you are looking for a cheap break then this Portuguese city could be a great option. There is plenty to see and do and this slightly down at heel city is definitely beginning to get a new lease on life. If you want to city break just to chill out and get to know a place that you have never been before while eating, drinking and being merry, then Lisbon could just be the friendly and affordable city for you.


Venice is sinking and sometimes feels as though the mists that drape themselves around the city are there to drag it down to the depths. Sometimes, however, Venice’s famous canals glint in the sunshine and the friendly chatter seems to buoy the city up. This is a place of poetry and art, a place of the ephemeral, a city of dreams that is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their life.


Rome is rich in art, culture, history and religious. It is the centre of an ancient empire and today, one of the most popular cities in Italy. The grand buildings you will find here tell the story of the epic history of Rome and when you are on your Roman holiday you will feel on countless occasions that you have opened a great big window onto a past age.


Athens too was at the heart of an epic empire. This is the birthplace of democracy and an ancient seat of learning and lore. To those with an interest in the ancient Greeks, Athens is a must see, but anyone will enjoy seeing the grand monuments that belonged to that bygone civilisation, including the Acropolis and the Parthenon, which must be two of the most famous historic monuments in the world.


Istanbul is a heady whirl of sights, sounds and colours. It is a melting pot of cultures that straddles the Bosphorus River, with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia. This is a European city with a taste of the exotic. Be sure to visit the grand mosques and for a taste of the frenetic life of the souk, visit the Grand Bazaar. 

These are of course just a few examples of the sorts of city breaks that you could enjoy. There are many less well known cities that are equally delightful and fascinating places to visit, so be open minded and consider more unusual options.

If those examples have piqued your interest then why not see what amazing city breaks you might be able to find by looking through the options below.

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