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Holidays do not have to cost a fortune! You may be amazed when you check out all the fantastic cheap holidays we have to offer, from a range of UK holiday providers, to a range of exciting world-wide destinations. There is no need to break the bank to enjoy some time away from home. By comparing cheap holidays with Money Pug you can travel for far less than you might imagine. So check out all our cheap offers today to see where you could be jetting off to.

How Can You Make Sure Your Cheap Holidays Offer Value for Money?


All cheap holidays are not created equal. While some are diamonds in the rough, others can leave you feeling swindled. Make sure that when you look around for the best deal that you are taking more into account than just the cheap prices! Unfortunately, there are some rather awful options out there. But never fear, there are plenty of cheap holiday options out there that will not leave you disappointed – here are five suggestions for ways to make sure you end up with holiday heaven rather than an utter and complete disaster:

Do Your Research:


When it comes to getting an affordable holiday, there is no way you can make sure it is not a flop if you do not do your homework. Make sure that you look into the locations and accommodations you are considering, so see if they are really the bargain trip they are billed to be. Delving deeper can get you all the more excited or could leave you feeling that you had a lucky escape!

Read Reviews:

One person’s dream holiday can be another person’s nightmare. While one person loves nothing better than relaxing on the sand, others prefer a cultural city break. Make sure when reading reviews of your holidays that you are reading ones written by people like you, who have the same taste and enjoy (more or less) the same things.

Consider You:

You really must consider your own personal likes and dislikes when it comes to choosing a cheap holiday option for yourself. While some love to mingle with crowds and live-it-large in the sun, for others a quiet camping holiday or sedate city break would be preferable. There are cheap holidays to suit every taste and preference but you must be sure to find the right one for you.

Consider Location:

Location is really important when it comes to getting the most from your cheap holiday. Affordability could be relative. Remember that what seems cheap to you may actually be a pricey option for a particular part of the world. Check out comparable places in the same location to see what you can get for your money there, but also consider comparing the cost of different destinations and go for somewhere that can help you keep costs low.

Timing is Everything:

Remember that certain times of years will always be cheaper for certain types of holiday. Consider travelling outside peak times to really get the most for your money. This will also have the added benefit of allowing you to miss the worst of the crowds in popular destinations.

Just remember that there are definitely cheap holiday options out there for everyone – you just have to compare all the cheap deals on offer to see which is the right one for you.

Money Pug compares a wide range of holidays including:

Cheap holidays in Majorca and the other Canary Islands…
Cheap holidays on and around the Mediterranean…
Cheap holidays to Spain…
Cheap holidays to Turkey…
Cheap holidays to worldwide destinations in Africa, Europe, Asia and more…

You can compare all inclusive resort holidays, beach holidays, city breaks, cruises and much, much more, so check out all the cheap holidays today and find the affordable break that is perfect for your next getaway.

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