How To Choose the Perfect Holiday Destination

  • Choosing the perfect holiday destination can be a tricky business. But never fear, Money Pug is here to help. Money Pug can help you find the best adventure for you, wherever, whenever and however you like to travel. Not only can you search and compare a wide range of exciting holiday options on our handy comparison site, we also aim to help you reach the right decision when it comes to finding the right holiday for you. To help you, we’ve compiled this list of questions, which should help you find the perfect holiday destination for you:

What is Your Holiday Budget?

  • Before you begin to look for your dream holiday, it is important to begin by determining your budget. How much money do you have available for your next trip? Determining your budget can help by narrowing down your options and ensuring that you can compare only those options that are realistically within your reach. Think about how much you are willing and able to spend on the holiday as a whole, on flights or other transportation, on accommodation, food and drink, and on other elements for an enjoyable stay.

Here are a few tips to help you save money and get the most bang for your buck:

How to Save Money on Getting There

The number one rule when it comes to booking flights and making other travel arrangements is to do the homework and make sure you are getting the best deal you can. The good news is that we have done a lot of the legwork for you. All you have to do is decide when to go, then search our comparison lists of cheap holidays to find the right one for you. Whether you are looking for a last minute deal or are looking to book well in advance, we can help you make sure you save money and make sure your flights no more expensive than they need to be. Think carefully about where you fly to – sometimes you may be better to take a cheap flight into a major airport in a neighbouring country rather than spending more on a flight to a smaller airport. Buying a cheap package holiday, with flights and accommodation included, can also save you money. Why not check this website for the best cheap holiday deals today?

  • How to Save Money on Getting Around

Being flexible when it comes to your travel arrangements can really save you a lot of money. Car rental gives you the flexibility to get off the beaten track and visit some less touristy places – where prices may be much lower than in the capitals. RV rental could even make it far cheaper to travel – as you will have transportation and accommodation all in one. You can also save a bundle by using public transport while you are away, or even considering a slow travel experience and getting around by bike, or on foot.

  • How to Save Money on Food, Drink, Entertainment & Other Items

For amazing savings,  an all-inclusive holiday could be the answer. On a cruise, especially one with all-inclusive elements, or at all all-inclusive resort, you can save a huge amount by eating and enjoying entertainment gratis. Picnics and shopping away from tourist centres can also help you stretch that budget even further, without sacrificing any of the fun! A self-catering option with family or friends could also be a great option as, unlike a hotel, a self-catering apartment or house will allow you to save on food costs by cooking there throughout most if not all of your holiday, rather than eating out all the time.

Things like sunscreen and sunglasses will be far cheaper to buy at home before you go rather than from an overpriced shop right on the beach. Be a little organised and pack as many of the things you will need while you are away as possible. Carrying water around with you will also save you money because it will prevent you from buying expensive drinks out and about whenever you get thirsty.

It can be tempting to pick up some tat to remind you of your holiday but remember that simple photographs will be a better (and cheaper) memento of your experiences than a cuddly toy, tacky T-shirt, bottle opener or shot glass. There will be plenty of people trying to sell you a bunch of junk that you do not need. Whether you are on a budget or not, try to resist buying tacky souvenirs, especially from the main drag or beach front as these will be hugely overpriced as well as tasteless.

When Would You Like To Go?

  • Before you begin to consider where you should choose to visit on your next holiday, it can also be helpful to settle on your dates. When would you like to go? Think about when you will be able to get time off work (or when the kids will be off school). Consider practicalities, like whether you will need some time to get your documentation in order or will need time to save up for your getaway. While it can be good to have some flexibility when it comes to your dates, and being open to changing the dates can make it easier to get a great deal on a cheap holiday, it can also sometimes be essential to narrow down the field to a certain time of year.
  • Often times, you will have to consider this question in tandem with the next question: when would you like to go? There are a number of factors relating to a particular holiday destination which can determine when it is the best time to visit. Below are some of the considerations which may dictate when you would like to travel to a particular place:

  • Considering Climate & Weather Conditions

One of the main considerations, of course, when it comes to planning a holiday in a specific destination will be the climate, and what the weather is likely to be like when you get there. If you are planning a beach holiday, for example, you will want to look at sunshine hours and air and sea temperatures at each time of year before you decide when to go. You might be planning a ski holiday, in which case snow conditions at a given time of year will dictate when you wish to travel. For a city break, you will want to know what to expect there with regards to the weather during the different seasons, so you can choose to travel when you think you will be seeing that city at its best.

  • Considering the Natural Beauty of Different Seasons

Another factor which can determine the best time of year to visit a particular holiday destination is what the natural environment will look like in each different season. For example, some locations may be at their most beautiful with spring flowers, others will bloom in the height of summer, some will be stunning with autumn colour while others still may have a stark, snowy beauty in the depths of winter. All the seasons can be beautiful, but which will be best to travel in will depend on where exactly you want to go, as well, of course, as what you want to do when you get there.

  • Considering An Annual Festivals and Events Schedule

You may wish to decide to travel to a destination at a particular time of year because you wish to attend an event or festival that happens at a particular point in time. Checking an annual festivals and events schedule for potential destinations could be another way to help you decide when best to travel there.

  • Attending or Celebrating a Specific Event at a Certain Time of Year

Finally, you may wish to set your dates based on the dates of a specific event that will take place, or has taken place, at a certain time of year. For example, you may be planning a holiday to attend a wedding of a friend or family member, or planning to go to a specific place to celebrate an anniversary of your own.

Where Would You Like To Go?

  • Choosing a holiday destination is, of course, the most important element when it comes to creating the perfect holiday plan. If you are anything like me then choosing a destination for your next holiday can be a tricky business. If you want to go everywhere, it can be difficult to decide where on earth you should go first! Searching Money Pug’s listings of cheap holidays and comparing prices can be a good place to start narrowing down the choices. Here are some other tips to help you decide where in the world to go:

  • Consider Your Own Personal Circumstances & Preferences

Budget will of course be a factor in your choice of destination, as will, of course, other factors like when you can travel, who you plan to travel with, and what you would like to or intend to do when you get there. Don’t just be tempted to mindlessly follow the crowd. Think about how a particular destination will or will not suit your own specific circumstances and preferences.

  • Consider Your Own Previous Experiences

Another thing to consider when trying to settle on a destination for your next holiday is your own personal experiences. Think about where you have been before, and what you did or did not like about it. Pin down your own personal likes and dislikes, and consider how your previous travel experiences could help you to decide where to travel to next.

  • Consider The Experiences & Advice of Family & Friends

It is not just your own personal experiences that can help you determine the best holiday destination for you. You can also learn from the experiences and advice of family and friends. Listen to those you trust if they say that you would love a particular destination, and consider going with their recommendations.

  • Read As Widely As Possible To Be Inspired

More broadly, there are plenty of places to find inspiration for your next holiday. In addition to browsing on Money Pug’s comparison site, and speaking with family and friends, you should also read and look online as widely as possible. Look on Facebook and Pinterest, read travel guides by major travel brands like Rough Guide and Lonely Planet, read travel blogs and travel magazines… browse the web… you will find plenty to inspire you to find your own dream holiday.

  • Be Open Minded & Creative

When it comes to choosing a travel destination for your next holiday, you should be sure to be open minded and creative. Don’t narrow your choices too far, or be tempted to always choose a holiday similar to holidays you’ve had before. Think outside the box and follow the path less travelled by and you could end up having an adventure more amazing than you ever imagined.

Who Will You Be Travelling With?

  •  When trying to choose the perfect holiday destination, it is important not only to consider your budget, where and when you wish to travel but also who you will be travelling with. Will you be travelling solo? Are you looking for a romantic couple’s retreat? Are you considering a family holiday or a getaway with some of your best friends? Who you are travelling with will, of course, have a huge bearing on the type of holiday you will be looking for and the destinations that could be suitable for you.

  • Solo Travel

Travelling alone can be an amazing experience. There are many benefits to getting out there on your own. Sick and tired of everyone going on about romantic trips and couple’s adventures? Not yet attached, or indeed happily single? Don’t let anyone stop you from seeing the wonders of the world. Travelling alone can be a wonderful and enriching experience – some might even argue that it is better than travelling with companionship. You and you alone control the timing, itinerary and locations of your trip. No dragged heels, no holding back, no compromise – what are you waiting for? Why not be bold and take off for your own solo adventure. Here are some of the reasons why solitary travel can be so rewarding:

  • You call all the shots.

A partner or travel companion might like that extra cup of coffee in the morning, while you might be raring to go out there and see the sights. You might enjoy art galleries on occasion, while they could take them or leave them. A single traveller doesn’t have to compromise. They can call all the shots, deciding on their own where to go, what to do and how fast, or slow, they want to do it.

  • You can increase in confidence.

Travelling alone, having planned and orchestrated your whole trip can really be a major confidence boost. I did that, you think, if I can get myself safely half way round the world and have a great time doing it, what else am I capable of doing? Confidence will also come from finding out who you really are – it is a bit of a cliché, but travelling alone really does give you the space and time to do that. When you are calling all the shots, you will quickly find out what sort of person you are and the sort of things you really and truly enjoy.

  • You will plumb new levels of self-reliance.

Finding your capabilities is an important part of travelling alone. You will learn new things and expand your knowledge, plumbing new depths of fortitude and self-reliance. Have you ever navigated a strange city alone? Have you found yourself once you have got lost? Have you made decisions for yourself on this level ever before? Have you ever even dined alone? You will perhaps be surprised that many people have never had those experiences.

  • You will open yourself up to new connections.

If you travel alone you will almost definitely find that in fact, you are rarely solitary. I world of human connection opens itself up around you when you are not entirely focussed on a travel companion or companions. A smile here, a friendly word there, a question leading to a new horizon, an unexpected connection with someone whose language you cannot speak, a new friend for life. I have found all these while travelling on my own. By being alone you become a comrade in travel for other travellers. You can truly feel part of a global community.

Travelling alone should not be a lonely or solitary experience. Here are just some of the reasons why, when you travel alone, you should make the effort to connect with fellow travellers and locals in the places you visit:

Saving Money

  •  By sharing a hotel room, a taxi ride or even simply a meal with a fellow traveller or a local person you could save money and make sure that your budget goes as far as possible. You can save money to spend on having fun on your adventures or prolonging your travel experiences. Sharing things is not just enjoyable, it is also a pragmatic move.

Broadening Horizons

Travel in general will of course broaden your horizons and help you to see the world from different points of view. It is speaking with others, however, that will really help you to hone your empathy skills, forge your own views and understand others.

Sharing Experiences

A shared experience can often be an enhanced experience. A beautiful sunset, a moment of pure, human joy, a feeling of awe at the grandeur of nature or the endeavour of man – all are made all the more wonderful by sharing them with someone else and understanding that they too are affected in a similar way.

Learning Skills

Meeting new people can often open you up to learning new skills. One of the best things about getting to know new people is the chance to share and pass on skills. There are so many things that we can all learn from each other. Everyone has something to offer, the ability to pass on information, knowledge or practical skills. Perhaps you will learn a cooking recipe, perhaps you will develop language skills or learn how to play an instrument… the possibilities are almost endless.

Making Friends

  • Forming new bonds is one of the best feelings in the world. When strangers converge and become friends, this is surely hope for the future of humanity. By making friends we get the chance to recognise what we have in common as well as to celebrate our differences. Making friends can make us stronger, better people and it can even help to make the world a better place.
  • So when you travel alone, make sure that you take the time to spend time with and get to know the people whose paths cross your own. Your travel experience and even your life can be considerable enhanced by doing so.
  • Thinking about the benefits of solo travel, and about making connections and forging new friendships can help you to determine the very best places to go. Think about where you can gain the most self-improvement, and where you might meet the most like-minded or interesting people.

Couple’s Holidays

Everyone knows that a good holiday can make or break a relationship. If you are incompatible, often your first holiday together will really highlight that, whether the holiday is a successful and pleasant one or not. In most cases though, I would argue that a couple who travels together stays together. Travel is good for romantic relationships. Here are some of the reasons why:

A Chance to Unwind

Stress can kill romance stone dead more surely than anything else. Both people in a couple may have jobs they don’t necessarily enjoy, financial strains, or other worries of daily life. A holiday can be a good way to unwind, releasing yourself from the daily grind and letting the cortisol stress hormone levels fall considerably. Getting rid of stress leaves space for romance to bloom and what is more, it can stop those small snipes and gripes, making a relationship stronger.

A Complete Change of Scenery

As much as you may love another person, there is nothing particularly romantic about the stinky socks they leave lying about, or washing up in the sink. Removing yourself to a different location entirely and getting away from your familiar, humdrum world can create a sense of excitement and exoticism. Sometimes, a complete change of scenery for a time is all it takes to rediscover the things that first attracted you to your partner.

Time for Each Other

You may both work full time, you will definitely have many different pressures and perhaps hundreds of calls on your time and attention. On holiday, away from all the distractions and time-consuming duties and chores of your daily life, you will have time for each other. With the absence of other familiar faces and places, you will focus almost entirely on your travel companion, and since attentiveness is a key to successful romance, it should make for a truly magical and romantic holiday experience.

Putting Things into Perspective

You may dislike your bosses or colleagues, money may be a constant juggling act, your partner may have a few bad habits that drive you crazy, you may have a hundred and one quotidian worries and concerns. Travel can broaden your horizons, allowing you, potentially, to see the horrors and wonders of the whole wide world. This puts your own troubles into perspective, showing you that you are just one small part of a very large planet. Letting go of many small worries can be a cathartic experience and of course, will allow the overriding love you feel for one another to shine through.

Inherent Romance

As well as the above reasons, holidays also often have inherent romance. Whether you are strolling the streets of an historic city hand in hand, gazing into a glorious sunset from a warm, sandy strand, eating dinner by candlelight or dancing the night away beneath a blanket of sparkling stars, the opportunities for romantic situations on holiday are near endless.

So head off today on holiday with your loved one and let romance flourish.

Thinking about the reasons for your holiday as a couple, and the things it can do for your relationship can help you to determine the perfect romantic holiday destinations for you.

To further inspire you and help you to plan the best couple’s holiday ever, here are ten tips to help you have the best romantic trip possible:

Go With the Right Person

This one should really go without saying, but if you are on holiday with the wrong person I am sorry to say that it will never work out, no matter how hard you try. With the right person, however, if you think about the points below and just let things flow, you are sure to have a wonderful time together.

Go Somewhere You Both Want to Go

So, you’ve decided to take your special someone away for a special vacation – wait a minute. If this is someone you’ve been with for a long time then you should know all their likes and dislikes and how those compare to your own. Have you chosen a place they would like too? If you are in a new relationship you may still be getting to know someone and may try too hard to please them. Remember that romance will flow organically from the situation as long as you are both happy and relaxed. I know we all want to please our special someone but don’t decide to do something you won’t enjoy just to please them. The best romantic vacations will always come when a couple is doing something together that they both like to do, or discovering something new together.

Seize the Day

This is not the time for timid choices. When it comes to romantic vacations you should always go the whole hog. Don’t short change yourself or your partner by compromising on the length of time you go away for or where you go to. Think you can afford to go but not quite sure? Worried about work or your pet? Don’t hedge your bets. This is not about breaking the bank – some of the very best vacations cost next to nothing – but do not be half-hearted – take a chance, push yourself and throw yourself in at the deep end. Take that dream vacation you and your partner have always wanted.

Be Adventurous

Do something every day that scares you. Let life and travel push you well and truly out of your comfort zone. You and your partner should be adventurous together – it is only when we push ourselves and see others around us pushing themselves too that we can see what we, and they, are capable of. Likely you will both fall in love with each other all over again. For some, adventure might simply be navigating a strange city, for others it might be a hike in the mountains, for some dare-devils it may be a no-holds-barred thrill-seeking ride on, for example, a white-water rafting, heli-skiing or paragliding adventure. Whatever you do on your romantic vacation, challenge yourselves and each other and see your own true, best selves shine forth.

Do Something that Gets Your Heart Pumping

Whether it is running through the rain, cycling along a country lane, ice-skating across a frozen lake or simply gazing into each other’s eyes as you try something new and scary together, getting the heart pumping is just the thing to kick-start a bit of romance. The best romantic moments are the moments when you feel most alive, as though you and your loved-one are the only ones who are living at this peak of intensity and nothing and no one can bring you back down to earth.

Go Somewhere Off the Beaten Track

Romance can be a little tricky to ignite in the middle of a crowd. In any case, why be the same as everyone else? When you are planning your romantic vacation, think about doing something a little out there and go somewhere not a lot of other people go. Avoid the tourist hotspots and mass tourism centres and forge your own path to romance. Take yourselves off somewhere the two of you will be undisturbed, be it a shady glen, a secluded cove, a wind-swept strand or a quiet corner of an undiscovered gem of a restaurant that you discovered in some back street in a foreign city. It can sometimes feel as though the world belongs to you in these moments, as if the whole world were putting on a display just for your benefit.

Let Nature Do the Talking For You

Not sure what to say? Let nature do the talking for you. There is nothing more romantic than looking out over a sparkling ocean on a calm summer’s day, or up at sparkling stars wheeling through the night sky above your heads. A sunrise or sunset can always lift the mood and will make the heart rejoice, along with the heart of the one you are with, to witness it.

Eat Al Fresco

There is often something very romantic and sensual about dining outdoors, so head on out there for a romantic picnic on a serene, secluded beach backed by swaying pines, choose an outdoors venue for your evening meal, or simply eat an ice cream together as you lean over the parapet of a bridge and gaze at the river rushing by below.

Forget What Time It Is

Never, ever be in a rush. Time on a romantic vacation should pass like a hazy blur of light, love, good food and music. Don’t put yourself on the clock and schedule everything down to the last second or you will lose all the spontaneous fun of discovering new things and making mistakes together. Even if things go wrong, that can often be a bonding experience. So let go, lose control, forget what time it is.

Put Yourself in the Way of Beauty

Your love is beautiful, why would you take it to ugly places? When on a romantic vacation you should always follow your senses and be sure to always put yourself in the way of beauty, be it by getting up in time to see the sunrise or walking at night through a street-lit city on streets slick and shiny with rain – put yourselves in the way of beauty and you will be sure to find it just about everywhere you look.

There are, of course, plenty of world-wide holiday destinations that are perfect for loved up couples. Thinking about the above should help you to work out what specifically it is about certain destinations that could make them good choices for your next holiday.

Family Holidays

  • Whether you are a busy working mum or dad with little ones in tow or are trying to wrangle teens or young adults on the brink of leaving home, planning the perfect family holiday that everyone will enjoy is not always easy. While it can be easy to get carried away with images of that wedding cake couple with a couple of perfectly behaved little blonde angels in tow, laughing and smiling as they engage in activities together, we all know that few real families can always measure up to that advert family holiday ideal.  Before you decide where to go and what to do on your next holiday, be sure to consider:

What Your Family is Actually Like

Are your family sporty, active and adventurous, or are you frankly more of a lazy bunch who like nothing better than lounging around relaxing? Are you a refined and intellectual group of people or do you prefer slobbing out in front of the telly? Are you a family made to roam or pretty much stay-at-home people? Do you like to keep everything around you glamorous and immaculate or are you comfortable with a little mess and happy to rough it a little? The truth in your own family is likely somewhere in the middle of all that. When planning a holiday, remember you are not doing it for some ideal, identikit family, you are doing it for you and yours, in all your beautiful complexity, warts and all.

What Your Family Actually Enjoys

Would your family really all enjoy hiking in the woods or would you have drop outs and moaning messes by the end of the first day? Would your family fry on a sunny beach and run for the shade gasping and with suspected heat stroke or are you all beach beautiful and looking to top up those tans? Do you love nothing better than the thought of a good museum or gallery or would you be dragging bored, griping family members around all day? A holiday might sound ideal to you but if the whole family cannot be brought on board then trust me – it won’t be. The grief of unhappy fellow holidaymakers is not conducive to a pleasant stay anywhere, no matter how idyllic it might at first appear.

Involve the kids at the planning stage

If they are old enough to talk then they are old enough to talk to about your holiday plans. Children should be asked about what their expectations are for a holiday and what they would like to be able to do. They should know where they are going – try to enthuse them about the location. You should have already given some thought as to why it will be perfect for the whole family, so tell them. Communicating expectations up front can avoid unpleasant attitudes and disappointment later – it can also help build the excitement for your very special adventure.

But don’t let kids make all the decisions

Of course, children (even bolshie teens) should not be allowed to rail-road you into doing something you don’t want to do. A common mistake people make is give into pressure from the kids and end up on a holiday (say to a theme park) that they never wanted to be on. Of course there will be some compromise to be made on all sides, but the best family holidays are the ones that everyone, adults and children can enjoy. And kids don’t always know what is best, of course. They may moan about an active holiday, hiking or biking, but when they get out there they may well have the time of their lives. That is why parents sometimes have to just lay down the law.

How Your Family Have Holidayed Before

When trying to puzzle out how you can find a holiday that everyone can enjoy, consider what has and has not worked before, both when it comes to your previous holidays and to your everyday lives. Learn from previous mistakes and think how they might have been avoided. It might be that you can spend every second of your holiday together but it might be that you would be better to split up and go your own different ways every now and then. No matter how close you are as a family there is no way that you are always going to see eye to eye or be able to agree on everything.

There are many different facets to a family holiday that must be considered. Here are a few of the things that family holidays should include. Bear these things in mind and you should be able to find a holiday destination that will allow you to have a wonderful time:

Entertainment for All

The best family holidays are the ones that offer the chance to partake in activities that everyone will enjoy. No one gets dragged around somewhere they are not interested in seeing and everyone gets something great out of the experience – even if that something is not the same thing. For example, if you choose a break by the beach, the kids could play in the sand or paddle while you read and top up your tan, or on a city break you might enjoy the stroll down a historic street to look at the architecture while they might enjoy the ice creams bought from a shop on the corner. With a little imagination, you can make your dreams of a perfect family holiday come true.

Great Food

  • Don’t let anyone get ‘hangry’ – that is what happens when someone gets so hungry they are angry at everything. You will be surprised by how much difference a good meal or snack can make to everyone’s mood. Take snacks along if you think you’ll be out and about for a long time, remember that picnics are a great way to engage everyone’s attention while visiting a natural attraction and eat your evening meal together in a relaxed and friendly environment. Take your time. You’ve got all he time in the world while you are on holiday.

A Friendly, Relaxed Environment

Half of the worry on a family holiday is often whether a particular place to visit or to eat is going to be a good place for the kids. All that has been taken care of – when you choose one of the options below you know that you are choosing a family friendly, relaxing holiday option. That means that you do not have to tear your hair out and you can just get on with the business of being a family.

Down Time

The mistake that some people make when it comes to planning a holiday with kids is that they forget to include some down time for the kids and for them. Remember not to schedule everything to the last minute. Leave space for the kids to have a rest and for you to have one too. Everyone is far more likely to get along if everyone has had enough time doing nothing and having a rest.

A Good Night’s Sleep

You can rest assured that you will have a good night’s sleep when you book through Traveleze. That sleep counts for an awful lot. A good night’s sleep means everyone will be rested, refreshed and relaxed and will start the day in a great mood. Sleep well and the whole family will inevitably be in a much better moods, so you can get on with having the best holiday ever!

Consider all the above and with a little bit of careful planning you should be able to find the perfect family holiday destination for you.

Holidays With Friends

Many of the things to consider when planning a family holiday are the same as when planning a holiday with friends. The most important thing is to make sure that everyone’s differing interests, needs and wants are taken into account. If you are planning a getaway with some friends you should be sure to:

Invite The Right Friends

Holidaying together can really make or break relationships, and that is just as true for those travelling with friends as it is for couples. Holidays can be a real bonding experience, but when things go wrong, they can quickly turn into a nightmare. If you are considering a holiday with friends, you better hope that they really are good ones. Old friends can make excellent travel companions, but if you don’t really know the people you plan to travel with – that can be a recipe for disaster, as true colours will almost invariably start to come out. Make sure the friends you invite are true friends, who can be honest with you and each other, and who can make up even after a disagreement, a disappointment or a fight.

Keep Everyone’s Budgets in Mind

You will obviously already have a budget in mind. But a group of friends travelling together might not all have the same amount of money to spend. When choosing your holiday destination, when selecting your cheap holiday, and while you are away, it is important to be sensitive about money, and not put your friends under pressure to spend more than they can or than they feel comfortable with.

Make Collective Decisions About Your Destination & Other Elements of the Holiday

Friends will often be like-minded, and so it is often easier for a group of friends than for a family to find a holiday that they will all enjoy. But when making all decisions about your trip, it is important to make sure that you discuss all the different elements and make sure that everyone’s individual needs and wants are taken into account.

Remember That It Is Fun To Do Things Together

One of the main reasons to travel with a group of friends is to enjoy experiences, sights and sounds together. When choosing a destination, think carefully about what you will be doing when you get there and how you will be able to spend time together while you are there.

But Also That You Are Not Joined At the Hip

However, even though there will likely be plenty for you to do together while you are on holiday with friends, it is also important to remember that you don’t have to be together 24-7 to have a good time. Think about how a potential holiday destination might provide opportunities for you to branch off and each enjoy your own interests, as well as opportunities for you to spend quality time together.

How Inclusive Do You Like Your Holiday To Be?

Another of the decisions that you should make when selecting the perfect holiday destination is what you would like to be included in a cheap holiday deal. Do you prefer more independent travel, or is a package holiday or an all-inclusive deal the right option for you?

An all inclusive holiday is the perfect way to enjoy a stress free, easy vacation and to get a real break from the stresses and strains of the everyday. You’ve been working hard all year, and a holiday is your reward. So why work hard to find the right holiday for you? Why worry about putting together your perfect holiday when you could find an all inclusive break that is tailor made for you. Money Pug takes all the hassle out of planning your next holiday, by allowing you to compare a wide range of all inclusive holidays to find the perfect one for you.

Money Pug also allows you to compare a wide range of other cheap holidays, which offer flights and accommodation but allow you more flexibility on the finer details. Determining how much independence you wish to have while you are away can help you to narrow down the field and more closer to finding your dream holiday destination.

What Level of Luxury Do You Require?

No matter where you are considering travelling, when and with whom, choosing the right holiday destination for you is about more than just these basics. One other crucial thing to consider is what level of luxury you expect, require or desire. Obviously, the level of luxury that you can expect to be able to enjoy will largely depend on your budget. But even within a particular budget range, there will be certain decisions to be made with regard to the level of comfort, style and polish.

When choosing your destination, it is important to think about whether you are a person who is comfortable with roughing it a little, or require a certain level of refinement to enjoy a good holiday. Of course you will also have to consider the needs and preferences of any travel companions. Your decisions in this regard will help to determine which holiday destinations might be within your reach.

What Sort of Activities Do You Enjoy While You Are Away?

One final major decision which will dictate the perfect holiday destination for you is what you want to do when you get there. What type of holiday you wish to enjoy will, of course, determine which destinations could be right for you. Ask yourself, do you want, for example, a:

  • Beach Holiday?

Beach holidays are perfect for those who enjoy fun in the sun. If you love to sunbathe, swim, snorkel, dive, or let loose, then a beach break could be perfect for you. But not all holiday resorts are created equal. Some beach resort destinations will be ideal for those who love to relax and unwind, others will be great for watersports or underwater adventures, while others still will be the place to party and dance the night away under the stars. Determining the exact activities you want to enjoy on your beach holiday will help you determine which beach resort destinations could be right for you.

  • Cultural City Break?

If culture and history are your bag then a city break could be just what you are looking for. If you enjoy taking in a museum or two, visiting castles or other historic attractions or looking at art in local galleries then visiting one of the amazing cities in Europe or around the world could be the right option for you. Researching cities will help you determine what there is to see and do in each one and which you are most interested in visiting.

  • Culinary Escape?

A city break could also be ideal for gourmands looking for their next foody experience. But just about any destination could be perfect for those who love to discover and indulge in delicious local delights. Learning about local cuisines and local restaurants and eateries will help you find your perfect holiday destination.

  • Active Adventure?

If you are someone who goes on holiday to do things and have experiences, not just to relax and unwind, then you may be looking for an active adventure. Perhaps you are looking for somewhere to indulge in your favourite outward bound pursuit – skiing, snowboarding, waterskiing, diving, hiking, biking, climbing, kayaking, rafting… there is no end to the adventures that can be had by active adventurers around the world. Researching options for active adventure in certain holiday destinations can help you to determine which might be right for you.

  • Eco Retreat?

Active adventures are not the only option for those who love the natural world and spending time in it. Those looking for a sustainable holiday option may also be looking for a more gentle and relaxing holiday in nature – a soothing eco retreat. If you love to experience the tranquillity of nature and want to enjoy it without harming the planet, looking into eco holiday destinations and what tours or attractions can be enjoyed in them can help you find your way to your dream holiday.

There are almost as many different types of holiday as there are holidaymakers. But considering which type of holiday you enjoy and what sort of activities you like to enjoy on that trip can help you decide on the perfect holiday destination.

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