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Tradesman Insurance

Do you own a small business, work as a tradesman on a freelance or self-employed capacity? If so, you will likely to have to arrange your own insurance policy or policies. Getting specialist tradesman insurance is a good way to make sure that you are covered in all the necessary areas. Comparing such policies with Money Pug can help you get the best deal for your own specific needs.

Compare Tradesman Insurance With Money Pug

Money Pug can help you to choose a tradesman insurance policy, or arrange different sorts of business insurance on an individual basis. As a tradesman, it is important to make sure that you are covered for:

  • Any property/ buildings you own.
  • The contents of any properties you own, including equipment, stock and tools.
  • For contract works on sites.
  • For damage to/ theft of owned or hired plant.
  • Legal action from any staff you have.
  • Legal action from the people (clients/ customers/ other businesses) you come into contact with.

Making sure that you are covered for loss or damage of materials and tools of your trade, and for a range of financial losses, can be easier when you compare with Money Pug. Compare prices on a range of different policies to find the one that is right for you, and make a sound financial decision with all the information at your fingertips. Compare tradesman insurance with Money Pug and you could have the peace of mind you need in next to no time.

Do I Need Tradesman Insurance?

Tradesman insurance is usually required by tradesmen whether they work for themselves or are employed by a business. However, the types and levels of cover will depend of the specific details of your business/ employment.

What Does Tradesman Insurance Usually Include?

The components of tradesman insurance usually include a number of different insurance types including:

  • Public liability insurance. (This is usually the backbone of a tradesman insurance policy.)
  • Professional Indemnity insurance. (To cover you if you have made a mistake and a financial claim is filed against you.)
  • Building Cover (If you own buildings as part of your business.)
  • Contents Insurance for Office furniture/ equipment (Again, this will depend on whether you have premises and what is kept there.)
  • Tool insurance (You can protect your valuable tools while in your property and also add on cover for other situations, such as when tools are in your van, for example.)
  • Contract works insurance (If you are a contractor, you may have a contract that says you are responsible for goods and materials while on site. You can get cover of up to £500,000 depending on what exactly your contracts require.)
  • Own plant insurance & hired plant insurance. (To cover owned and hired plant while you are working and when it is in store.)

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