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  • Your smartphone is likely to be one of your most important possessions. Today, many of us find it hard to live without our mobile phones, and are hard pressed to work out how we could ever live without them. Out iphones go with us everywhere, and unfortunately, this means that they can be endangered by everyday accidents. The smallest thing can quickly leave you without a phone, wondering what on earth to do. Iphone insurance can give you peace of mind, because you know that you will be covered should your smartphone meet with an unfortunate accident.

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  • Iphone insurance is pretty much the same as standard phone insurance, but it can come with extra cover that provides specific iphone care. Most iphone insurance policies come with higher cover limits and often let you use a local Apple store to get repairs done more quickly if your phone is damaged. Iphones are expensive to buy, and expensive to replace. Unless you have a reservoir of cash ready and waiting to help out should your phone no longer be usable, then it is important to make sure that you have cover in place. Money Pug can help you get that cover, for the right price.

Is iphone insurance more expensive than regular mobile phone insurance?

Not always, though some newer models can be more expensive to insure. Shop around and use Money Pug’s handy comparison site to make sure you find the best deals.

What Extra Cover is Included with Iphone Insurance?

  • Most iphone insurance will come with extra cover to protect your Apple phone and associated Apple technologies, including:
  • E-wallet cover – which is used to cover your Apple Pay service if your iphone is lost or stolen. It is important to note, however, that this is usually limited to £500 cover maximum, and also usually only covers you for the first 24 hours after loss or theft has occurred.
  • A bundle option – so you can insure all your Apple devices at the same time.
  • Data back up – the ability to store a certain amount of data for a given period of time. (Check small print for details, as you may only have limited storage, or only be able to store data free of charge for a set period, for three months, for example, after which you may have to pay.)

Does cover on an iphone insurance policy start immediately?

While some policies will specify that cover begins right away, it is, again, important to read the fine print on a policy, as some policies exclude any claims made in the first 2-3 weeks of your policy. If you do need to claim within that time frame, such a policy will not pay out, and you will have to cover the cost of a replacement on your own. That is why it is always essential to make sure you understand all the exclusions on a policy, and exactly what is and is not covered.

iphone Insurance FAQs

What is Mobile Phone Insurance?
  • Mobile phone insurance is a specialist insurance policy that will cover your mobile phone and pay out to repair or replace your phone if it is damaged, also often if it is lost or stolen.
Should I Just Include My Mobile Phone on My Home Insurance Policy?

Mobile phones can often be covered by a home insurance policy as an addition, but it is worthwhile noting that you may incur larger costs if you need to make a claim. Money Pug also allows you to compare home insurance policies, so you could shop around to find out how best to cover your mobile phone.

Can I Cover My Children's Mobile Phones?

Those over 16 can take out their own insurance policies, though you could also consider, as mentioned above, including all the household or family’s mobile phones on a multi-gadget policy which can save you money when taken out from certain providers.

Can I Get Mobile Phone Insurance for a Second Hand Phone?

Unfortunately, you cannot get mobile phone insurance cover for a phone that is more than two years old. Most insurers will specify the maximum age of device that they will cover, so it is important to check the terms offered before you commit to choosing a deal.

Can You Get No Claims Bonus on Mobile Phone Insurance?

Yes, you can usually get a discount at the time of renewal if you do not claim on your insurance. You can check with your insurance provider to find out the details of any discounts offered for no claims.

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