T-Mobile taking on the new OnePlus 6T

OnePlus has been making Android smartphones for a while now, offering phones that are almost flagship rate at specifications close to Apple, Samsung, LG, and more – but at hundreds of pounds less than some of these mega companies.

The OnePlus 6T will be starting its market race from somewhere around £500. We’re not expecting it to cost much more than the OnePlus 6, which currently retails around £469. The 6T is likely to carry a few minor improvements on the OnePlus 6, but it’s still going to be around half the cost of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

OnePlus started their life in business as a value company, but they have been increasing their prices, and with it, their capabilities to bring the public better phones. When you consider that most Apple and Samsung phones are around £1000 now, sometimes more, then the OnePlus can still be considered a great value brand.

OnePlus phones are also known for getting quick updates, and some have unique capabilities, as well as an energetic community for phone support.

T-Mobile and OnePlus partnering up is perhaps one of the best moves both companies could have made in today’s market. Partnering with a US carrier means that OnePlus will get more recognition around the world, and T-Mobile isn’t a company with a habit of loading up useless software on mobile phones to take up valuable space. The OnePlus 6T also supports the 600MHz band 71 extended range LTE, so it’s essentially ahead of its time.

T-Mobile will benefit too, by offering a flagship phone at half the price of Apple and Samsung products in the same spec range. It’s certainly going to prove to be a popular alternative choice when it comes down to a £500 phone or a £1000 phone that do most of the same things and are similarly built.

It looks like the OnePlus 6T might be arriving in October from the rumours circling the market. It will be the first of the OnePlus mobile range to be available in the US, and the version optimised for T-Mobile will include support for T-Mobile’s extended range LTE technology, as well as being a technically improved version of the OnePlus 6 with a few adapted and better features.

The deal with T-Mobile is tentative at the moment, but should it be secured, it could present a major milestone for OnePlus, and an amazing opportunity for T-Mobile, themselves. Should the deal go through, OnePlus would succeed where other companies like Huawei have failed – it’s believed that a deal between Huawei and T-Mobile fell through earlier this year due to security concerns.

OnePlus will still be selling both the global, unlocked version of their phone, as well as their T-Mobile version. OnePlus isn’t yet a household name, but this deal with T-Mobile in the US could help broaden their horizons across the world and really make them a bigger name in the mobile market. Considering the specs of their phones combined with their prices, we couldn’t see why not.


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