Jet2 flight delayed by ill passengers

A Jet2 flight landed at Leeds Airport at 9:45pm last night after flying back from Spain. Unfortunately, around the time of the landing, several passengers were reportedly being violently ill.

After landing, two ambulances and a hazardous area response team were dispatched to the plane, which had to keep all passengers on board until they were given the all clear to let them exit the aircraft and depart from the airport.

Thankfully, no one was taken to the hospital.

Passengers were stuck on the run way for nearly an hour waiting for emergency services to give the all clear, but all seem rather thankful to the on-board crew, who kept their heads despite the fact that passengers were suddenly getting ill.

It appears to have been some form of sickness bug, and nothing more. There were only two confirmed cases, in the end, but it was still a cause for concern on an airplane full of people all returning from the same country. The crew were alerted to two more individuals feeling unwell on-board, but those two cases seem to be unrelated to the two persons that contracted a sickness bug. Whether they came down with the illness before or during the flight doesn’t seem to have been confirmed, but it’s likely they first caught the bug in Spain before getting on the flight, and started feeling ill sometime later – around the time they were due to exit the aircraft in Leeds.

A spokesperson for Jet2 confirmed that the crew on-board flight LS298 from Reus to Leeds Bradford Airport arranged an ambulance for the original two passengers who had become ill. It was after this initial report that the other two non-associated persons started feeling ill, as well.

On arrival, as a precaution, the ill passengers were immediately checked over in the ambulance before heading home. Once the all clear was given, all passengers disembarked as normal and continued their journeys.

It’s well-know that sickness bugs can spread very easily on a plane thanks to the circulated air inside the cabin but turning the air vent off above a seat would actually make the situation even worse – you’re more likely to get ill, in fact.

The blast of air from the overhead fan can help push any germs in the air that are spread through compartments of the plane towards the floor. Which means although you’re still exposed to circulating air full of germs, the air vent pushes the air downwards, which can help you avoid getting sick on flights.

There isn’t really anything that can be done about passengers passing germs around the aircraft cabin, because it’s such an enclosed space. Next time you’re travelling on a flight, if you can see that someone is ill, just be aware to take care of yourself in the coming hours and days to avoid as much of their illness as you can. The last thing anyone wants on holiday, or when returning home, is to suddenly fall ill.



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