Industry First as Samsung Unveils 1TB Smartphone

Samsung have recently announced that they have started mass production on their one terabyte embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS). This doubles their previous generation of smartphone storage in what the company are calling an industry first. This could be excellent news for those who are always struggling with data storage and don’t want to have to wade through and delete old content or photos before they can install something new. This new storage offers as much space on a mobile phone as you would commonly have on a PC.

Samsung says that this new development will bring a more ‘notebook like’ experience to users of the next generation of smartphones. With 1 terabyte of storage – problems with storing data on your phone could be a thing of the past. Storage of 1TB will allow you to store up to 260 ten minute videos at 4K resolution – rather a step up from the current limit of just 13 such videos that can be stored on a 64GB drive. Samsungs new offerings will also come with higher data transfer speeds – up to ten times faster than a micro-SD card.

Rumour has it that Samsung’s next generation Galaxy S10 smartphone will have 1 TB of storage, and the four rear and to front facing cameras will help you take plenty of great photos and video to fill up all of that space. Media lovers will be waiting for this new development, which will make it easier than ever before to store all their crisp, 4K media on their smartphones. The mobile phone industry moves quickly and more and more data storage is clearly something consumers are calling out for. Smartphones really are becoming the world in our pockets – it is hard to image how so much can fit into something so small.

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