Britain’s Bungling MPs May Add To Your Energy Bill

Political uncertainty surrounding Brexit has already added about £2 Billion to the energy bills of home owners and businesses in the UK, and according to the latest research, leaving without a deal could take that total way up – to £3.5 Billion – by March 2020. That could add £135 to the cost of your gas and electricity.

The reason for this is that we buy a proportion of the energy we need from other countries. As out politicians muck about, and the value of the pound falls – we get less for our money, and companies pass on the costs to us – the customers, meaning that we end up paying more for our energy.

If you are currently on a standard electricity or gas and electricity deal, you are at the mercy of politicians. Do you trust them not to take money out of your pocket? The pound will likely fall further, and if it does, your bills could soar. But this is only the case if you do not have a fixed price deal.

The good news is that by switching energy supplier, or changing to a fixed deal with your current supplier, you could protect yourself against the falling pound and the ramifications of a potential no deal Brexit. Switch to a fixed energy deal and you could save your bills from while the politicians fail to sort out the mess.


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