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One option if you are looking for a new phone is to consider buying a phone handset outright, without a Sim that will tie it to a particular contract. There are some great Sim free mobile phone deals on the market, and Money Pug can help you to compare all the best deals on all the latest handsets to find the option that is right for you. If you are looking for a Sim free handset then you have come to the right place. With Money Pug you can compare deals on all the latest mobile phones, from the iphones to Galaxy phones, and a range of other handset options… so compare today to see how much you might be able to save on the phone you want.

What is a Sim Free Mobile Phone?

A Sim free phone is a mobile phone handset that is bought outright, without entering into any contract with a service provider. When you choose one of these Sim free deals, you are only buying the handset – not any of the other things, such as a monthly allowance of data, calls and texts that you would get with a standard phone-and-tariff contract.

This means that once you have found your sim free phone deal and received your handset, you will also need to seek out a Sim only deal. (Money Pug can help you with finding your Sim only deal too – simply navigate to the right page and you will see at a glance the various deals that are available to you.)

Why Would I Want to Choose a Sim Free Deal?

Sim free deals are not for everyone, but there can be a number of advantages to buying a phone in this way. For a start, it can work out cheaper than a contract and a pay-monthly type deal, saving a sometimes considerable amount over the longer term.

Sim Free also means freedom from lengthy contracts. It is easier to switch network whenever you like, and you can shop around to find the very best deals. With standard pay monthly type deals, you will usually be tied into a contract for a couple of years, but with a sim free phone there will be no such constraint. You will be free to choose to go with a Sim only deal that will not tie you into a lengthy obligation.

A sim free phone can also be handy if you are going on holiday. You will be able to pick a sim with inclusive roaming for the destination or destinations that you will be visiting.

Compare sim free mobile phone handsets today with Money Pug to see whether this could be the right option for you. Yes, there is a larger sum to find up front, but if you can manage it, it can be a sensible choice for your finances moving forward, as well as giving you more freedom and flexibility with your mobile phone.

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