‘World’s fattest boy’, 12, ballooned to 30 stone before amazing transformation

An overweight child dubbed “world’s fattest boy” ballooned to a massive 30 STONE when he was just 10 has lost half his bodyweight in a remarkable transformation.

Arya Permana, 12, was inspired to fight the flab by his dreams to become a professional footballer.

The Liverpool FC supporter has been praised by friends and strangers online for shedding more than 15 stone in the past two years.

Arya, from Cipurwasari, Indonesia, hit the headlines when he became so upset by his weight as he was unable to play with his pals .

Footage emerged online of him as a morbidly obese child playing in a water tank to cool his body.

Since then, he has had a gastric bypass operation, followed a strict diet and now takes regular exercise.


Speaking from his home today, the boy said: “Now I am happy, I can walk. I can play as well.

“I have become more agile than before. I like playing football too.

“I can walk 5km with my friends and every afternoon I play football with them.

“My favourite football club is Liverpool FC and my favourite player is [Brazilian] Roberto Firmino. I want to play like him.”

Rokayah Somantri, 37, and dad Ade Somantri, 47, said Arya ate five times each day at his lardiest.

The little boy could chomp through enough rice, fish curry, beef, vegetable soup and Tempeh – a traditional soy patty – to feed two adults for a whole day.

But the bariatric surgery last April helped Arya start to tackle the bulge and he’s since ditched the sugar and fat for plenty of fruit and vegetables.

But now proud dad Ade, a farmer, said: “We have been giving him the food that doctors have recommended.

“We don’t give him prohibited foods. He is not allowed to eat sweets or sweet drinks. He is strictly off sugar.



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