Woman gets MORE tattoos after spending £8,000 on extreme body modifications

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Amber Luke hopes to get her entire body covered in tattoos.

Even though she’s already spent £8,000 on modifications over the years, she forked more this month by getting her chest inked.

This week, Amber showed off her updated torso tattoo on Instagram.

The dark design features geometric shapes and intricate patters and sprawls across her top half.

While it looks like it would’ve been painful to etch into the skin, the Aussie woman is pretty chuffed with the final results.

She told her followers: “Added more to my chest piece today, thank you to @Mario_Daggett for tattooing me.”

The model’s fans seem to be equally keen on the body art, with 4,500 of them like the Instagram snap.

Many followers also took the time to leave a comment, with some gushing that the tattoos look “amazing”.

One responder wrote: “Ooooh that looks like it hurt. But absolutely gorgeous”.

Another said: “That’s awesome!

“Can’t wait to see more new photos.”

A third added: “Looks Amazing Amber.”

While Amber is almost completely covered in inkings, she hasn’t always been.

The blonde bombshell started getting inked when she was 14, when she began battling depression.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the New South Wales lass revealed that her passion for inking gave her a channel to express herself.

She said: “Back when I was 14, I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted from life.

“I was catatonic and couldn’t see what was best for me. I was naive.

“But I now have a backbone and I can stand up for what I believe in. I also have the confidence to look how ever I want too.

“It wasn’t until I turned 16, I was finally able to find an outlet that released all my negative energy.”

Since then, the model has been inked 100 times.

She describes herself as a “Blue Eyed White Dragon” due to some of the extreme body modifications she undertaken.

Not only has she had her eyeballs inked, she’s also braved a dangerous split tongue procedure.

Given that Amber has been getting new tatts as recently as this month, it’s unlikely she’ll wave goodbye to her tattooist’s any time soon.

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