Woman cruelly dubbed ‘prune face’ due to large facial birthmark defies bullies in BEST way

Kiana Smith, 39, revealed that she was nicknamed the “purple people eater” at school because of her unconventional appearance.

The Trinidad woman has lived with a severe facial birthmark for her whole life and has undertaken numerous surgeries to reduce its affects.

After years of battling self-esteem issues, she has learned to accept her body and is determined to make a success of her life.

Kiana was born with a port-wine stain birthmark on the side of her face.

Strangers have judged her for her appearance for her whole life, but the cruel comments were at the most severe during her school days.

She said: “I think entering high school was when I really had those first confidence issues.

“I would get called, ‘prune face’, ‘purple face’ and one of the popular ones was the ‘purple people eater’.”

While her peers are now more understanding about her condition, Kiana is still gawped at by passers-by.

She revealed: “People always stare at me when I leave the house. I mean I’m a human being.

“I also feel like I have been in difficult situations with children.

“You know children will often freak out, screaming, crying and everything and I have felt so bad because I’m the cause of their reaction.”

Even though she has faced adversity because of her birthmark, Kiana is determined to make something of her life.

She has undertaken five surgeries and specialised laser treatment over the years to reduce it in size.

The brave woman said: “The surgeries of my birthmark have helped so much. I mean I don’t have this bulk on my face.

“As I would describe it, it’s like having this huge one-inch steak, the weight of it hanging on your face.

“Sometimes I would feel the blood just running and pumping in my birthmark. But I don’t have that anymore. I am able to speak much better which is fantastic.”

As well as reducing the impacts of her birthmark, Kiana has worked to change her mindset.

The determined activist has learned to accept her port wine stain and has since become a global ambassador for the Vascular Birthmark Foundation.

She said: “I don’t really know what the future holds. In terms of my birthmark, I’d like to have more laser surgery because that is critical.

“I’m not going to say that I’ll ever be perfectly happy with my birthmark, because I don’t love it.

“Despite everything, I am proud of myself and what I have achieved.”

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