The Old over-or-under debate has been around for as long as I can remember.

Turns out, the way you hang your toilet says a lot about your personality.

A study published in The Independent by Dr. Gilda Carle found that people who prefer to have their toilet paper hanging over, where the loose end is draped over the top, are more likely to have a dominant personality.

And people who position the roll under, where the loose end is hanging inside next to the wall, are more likely to be less assertive and more empathetic and easy going.

All that being said, there is actually a right way to hang a roll of toilet paper, and you’d benefit from changing the position if you’ve been doing it wrong.

Why There’s Only One Right Way

The tribe has spoken (when I say tribe, I mean science) that hanging your toilet paper the wrong way can make people sick, and worker’s compensation payments to name a few.

A 2011 study by the University of Colorado discovered that even the cleanest public restrooms are covered in dangerous bacteria that could make you very sick.

The researchers discovered a lot of e.coli, which comes from human feces, around the toilet.

This bacteria can easily be transferred to your hands, and cause health problems, like food poisoning.

So if the toilet paper is hung “under,” there’s a chance that someone’s fingers could come in contact with the wall. And because the toilet paper is closer to the wall, it brushes against it, and the next person’s hands can get contaminated.

Also, when the toilet paper is hung under, someone’s hands may come in contact with the top of the toilet paper as they’re trying to rip out however much they need.

That’s why hanging the toilet paper “over” is the right way.

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