Tesco is selling a HUGE Jaffa Cake that’s 35 times bigger than the original

Jaffa Cake fans rejoice – a supersize version of the sweet treat now exists.

For just £1.50, customers can get their hands on 430g of Jaffa goodness.

The Tesco dessert serves six people, although we’re not sure many people will want to share

Tesco’s giant Jaffa Cake is currently being sold for £1.50.

It is 430g in size, which is 35 times heftier than a single 12g Jaffa.

The pud centres on a sponge base with an orange filling.

This is then topped with zesty cream cheese mouse and a layer or rich chocolate.

Unlike a biscuit you can bite into, this one requires you to cut into slices.

The frozen dessert must also be defrosted before you consume it.

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