SUPER Rich Kids of Instagram flaunt their lavish lifestyles – including poolside selfies at the Versace mansion, supercars and private jets

  • Instagram account with 75k followers documents the lives of the wealthy
  • Super Rich Kids collates some of the most ostentatious displays of wealth
  • ‘Beverley Hills Brat’  Nicolette Gray is pictured in the pool at Versace mansion
  • Others show off designer clothes, handbags and collections of pricey vehicles

There’s never a dull day when you’re a rich kid, whether you’re on board a private jet on the way to an exotic location or behind the wheel of a supercar.

And while there’s no shortage of moneyed youngsters flaunting their wealth on Instagram, the account Super Rich Kids collates the most striking snaps and ostentatious displays of wealth.

Champagne, expensive cars and holidays are a must, complete with truffle pizza, mansions and baby tigers.

The account, which boasts 75.2k followers, documents the extravagant lifestyles of big spenders, and champagne, expensive cars and even tiger cubs are a must.

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