Plastic-surgery addict spends £1k a MONTH to look like Barbie: ‘I feel sexier now’

A teenager forks out more than £1,000 a month on her extreme beauty routine.

Gabriela Jirackova, from Prague, is so determined to look like Barbie she has gone under the knife at 18-years-old.

She idolises the doll so much that she now hopes to undergo more cosmetic work, from butt implants to rib removal.

At the age of 16, Gabriela began paying homage to the kids’ toy by wearing long blonde hair extensions and fake eyelashes.

She took inspiration from her collection of 300 Barbies and spent more than three hours a day getting ready.

The teen recalled: “I was inspired by other real-life Barbies and also my Barbie dolls. I had plenty of them as a kid.

“When I saw the real-life Barbies I thought that it was something for me. I have always wanted to stand out and thought this would suit me.

“I don’t believe in a natural look. I think there is hardly anything natural today.”

Gabriela first dipped her toe into the world of cosmetic work by getting permanent make-up and lip fillers done.

Her obsession soon spiralled and she decided to get a boob job to take her natural C-cup breasts to voluptuous G cups.

She said: “It starts with little adjustments, like your hair and then you want more and more.

“It is not that I have been unhappy with myself at any point. I have always been content.

“The fact that I like artificial beauty doesn’t mean that I have ever had low self-esteem.”

Even though the plastic-surgery lover says she’s happy in her own skin, she believes that the enhancements have made her feel “sexier”.

She now plans on getting butt implants, rib removals and even bigger breast implants to help her perfect her living doll look.

Romana Jirackova, her 53-year-old mum, supports her daughter’s decisions even though she worries about her Barbie addiction.

She said: “I am worried about her health no doubt about that, but how far she will go with it is her choice and I respect it.

“I think that she is naturally pretty and even if she has some cosmetic procedures done I would respect that.”

Gabriela’s extreme looks have drawn in thousands of Instagram followers, but not everyone agrees that she is a positive role model.

The self-confessed “human doll” revealed: “Many mothers condemn me for being a bad influence on their children and that I’m setting a bad example.

“I believe I’m a much better example than the majority of other celebrities, who do drugs, change their partners, or even get involved in scandals. Those kids watch all of that and their parents don’t mind.

“On the contrary I have been always encouraging others to do what they want to do themselves and what they want to become. That’s the message I always spread.”

The social media star doesn’t plan on changing her lifestyle anytime soon and hopes that her appearance will catapult her to worldwide fame.

She said: “I want to live in LA and become famous for my Barbie image.

“I still want to undergo more cosmetic procedures. I must say I am more pleased with myself after each procedure, but I am not there yet.

“I will definitely continue my lifestyle as this is not a short-term thing.”

Reported via the star

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