Mum-of-four model who has spent £200,000 in bid to look like Pamela Anderson to go under knife again

A glamour model who has spent £200,000 in a bid to look her idol Pamela Anderson is going under the knife again.

Meet Amanda Lovelie – the Scottish glamour model who is on a quest to look like a living doll.

The self confessed “busty bimbo blonde bombshell” has even had three boob jobs in her search for the ultimate glamour look.

She says she has also found a doctor in the US who has agreed to remove six of her ribs for a cool £10,000.

Growing up Amanda, now 40, always loved the look of Pamela Anderson and decide to model herself upon her. “I loved her blonde hair and big big boobies, she always looked so glamorous and sexy”.

In pursuit of her idol Lovelie has gone under the knife, and is now even planning to have her ribs removed to dramatically alter her figure.

When she was 16 she left her home in Scotland to pursue a career in modelling.

She was a size zero, but wasn’t happy with her looks and even then always dreamed about having a bigger bust.

After returning to Scotland to give birth to her first daughter, Amanda realised that her slim frame was making her ill.

“I was so skinny it was making me ill and I needed to get healthy again.”

It wasn’t until after meeting her soulmate Paul that she decided to embark on her plastic quest with his blessing.

Before going under the knife she was a 30B but wanted to go bigger to help her career in glamour modelling.

The first breast augmentation she had were 320cc implants costing £4,000 which gave her a generous 30C bust, but this wasn’t big enough for Amanda and she had more surgery where she had them switched out for massive 550cc implants costing £5,500.

Still not satisfied, Amanda felt compelled to go under the knife once again and she now has 800cc implants fitted which cost her £8,000.

She also has regular botox injections and fillers, which costs an average of £1,500 every 3 months and she estimates that in total she has spent over £200,000 on surgery in a bid for the perfect look.

However the size 6 glamour model still want more work done.

In the next few months Amanda is going to Turkey to have bum implants costing around £5k and having her already large breasts made bigger.

“I was planning on having 1500cc silicone implants done over in Turkey but I feel they won’t give me the look I’m trying to achieve so I’m trying to persuade the Dr to use 2000cc which will give me the ultimate living doll look.

“I’ve total boob greed lol”

She said:”It’s never too late to start living your dream no matter what your age is. You just have to get off your backside and make it happen. I have been blessed to have fans that have stayed with me all the way since I started.

“My family are against the rib removal but support me in every other way.”

Amanda tells us her friends and family are a very tight group and are all very supportive with her passion for plastic perfection “they can see how happy it makes me and if I’m not hurting anyone then where’s the harm, I have their full blessings.”

Amanda has four children who she raises with her long term partner Paul who she meet when he was a regular at her Mum’s canteen.

She said she is often confused as being her eldest daughters’ sister but is actually mum to Tegan, 19, Logan, 15, Cruz, eight and two-year-old Cash.

Adding: “My exercise is running about after my kids, that’s enough to keep anyone fit

“I also like going on big long walks through the countryside, it helps me clear my head. You know what they say a healthy mind is a healthy body.”

Amanda climbed Ben Nevis in aid of her Mum passing away and is now training to climb Mount Everest to be able to “touch my mum and little brother in the Sky”.

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