‘I’ll always be a mobster’: Recovering ice addict, 31, with the word ‘NOTORIOUS’ tattooed across his face speaks of his struggle to find a job – but says he’s desperate to make a fresh start in life

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A tattooed gangster with ‘notorious’ inked across his face has opened up about his struggle finding a job.

Puk Kireka, 31, from Napier in New Zealand, has a distinctive black and red face tattoo, and said he is called a ‘mobster’ by strangers.

The father-of-three said he was once addicted to ice but hasn’t smoked it since 2015.

‘I was into meth before my last stint in jail. But I kicked the habit while in prison and I’ve been drug-free for the last four years… I know it will be hard to get a job with my tatts’, he told Hawke’s Bay Today.

Kireka has the slogan of the Mongrel Mob gang – ‘notorious’ – tattooed in black and red on his face, and has shared photos of himself wearing the group’s patches to social media.

He said he is ready to change his life around after spending five years in jail, and has lost 31kg.

Kireka trained with gym coach Levi Armstrong from 2017 with the goal of improving his physique.

‘Basically I just wanted to get healthy… look good and feel good,’ Kireka said.

‘Meeting Levi helped turn my life around. I’ve proved to be an inspiration for other mobsters throughout the country.’

Kireka said he has received several requests about his lifestyle and asking how his fitness habits so they can follow him.

He will start a level four sport and recreation course next month in the hopes of receiving a diploma and then a degree to get a job within the sports industry.

He said he understands it will be difficult for him to find a job because of the ‘notorious’ tattoo covering half his face.

‘I will always be a mobster but it’s important to show we can have better lifestyles. I want to bring some of the others on board this better lifestyle,’ he said.

He is currently playing rugby for his local club team Tamatea.

Kireka’s distinctive facial markings are similar to those of fellow New Zealander Mark Cropp, who achieved worldwide infamy for his ‘DEVAST8’ tattoo.

Cropp, like Kireka, said he found it hard to gain employment with his face tattoo, which was given to him by his brother in prison.

Cropp, a teenage father, spoke out about his lack of job prospects in July 2017.

He served a two-year jail sentence for aggravated robbery after he pulled a knife on a tourist in a fake drug deal.

He was inundated with job offers and a chance to remove the tattoo using laser treatment for free.

Cropp initially took up the removal offer but only attended one of 12 scheduled sessions, reportedly concerned with the effect the treatment would have on his skin.


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