‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves reveals he’s finally DONE with surgery after splashing £518,000 on 160 procedures

He’s affectionately known as the ‘Human Ken Doll’.

But The Mirror can exclusively reveal that Rodrigo Alves is QUITTING his outrageous persona after splashing more than £500,000 on 160 procedures.

Together, he’s undergone a total of sixty invasive operations, including ten nose jobs, a butt lift, silicone chest implants, eight-pack implants and various hair implants.

He’s also undergone one-hundred ‘non-invasive’ treatments, ranging from Botox to fillers.

Now, after five years of bandages and bruising, he’s finally content with his appearance – and hanging-up his surgical stockings for good.

“I’m done. My body, mind and soul now match,” he confirmed. “It’s been a long journey, but I’m happy.

“Its been five years since I became known as the Human Ken Doll. [In that time] I have done more the sixty TV shows, [including] eight documentaries.

“From now on I shall carry on looking after myself to maintain my ageless looks…by going to the gym and living a healthy life style.”

The news will be quite a shock to fans of the Brazilian-born personality, who splits his time between LA and Marbella.

Not least because he’s become the epitome of male cosmetic surgery.

Most recently, Rodrigo filmed his very own reality TV show and was featured at-length on E!’s Botched.

He’s also graced the pages of GQ and Vogue, thanks to his flamboyant dress sense.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, today’s announcement comes after one last ‘hurrah’, which took place in LA, last month.

It saw him have numerous ribs removed to give the illusion of a thinner waistline.

“It has been now one month after surgery and I feel great – just a bit stiff,” he added. “I have to wear a corset all the time, including to sleep, [but] it helps to shape my waist and speeds-up the healing.

“My waist looks really tiny and the rib removal by doctor Mike K. Obeng was truly worth it. Having said that, I have gained few stone since the procedure.

“In order to heal faster one needs to eat and I have been really treating myself. Since my natural body and genes are to be fat, I can put [weight] on really easily.

Now, rather ironically, he’s focusing on natural self-improvement.

“I’m very healthy, but the only minimal issue that I have is with my breathing, after 10 nose jobs my breathing is not good – making me sound nasal.

“I have been talking elocution classes in order to improve that.”

Reported on the daily mirror

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