‘Grow A D*ck’ plants go on sale for for £9.99 – and they certainly won’t disappoint

As reported on the dailystar 

Growing plants is a wonderful hobby, with more and more of us taking up the past-time.

And for those avid gardeners who love the weird and wonderful, you can now grow your own phallic-shaped kitchen staple.

Firebox has stepped up the game with a “Grow A D*ck” plant.

They come in a little box for just £9.99 and are available for pre-order if you fancy buying yourself or your friend a little gift.

The box contains “all you need to grow d*ck shaped chillies” and is 100% organic “from the soil to the penis produce itself”.

To grow this little bad boy, all you need to do is add water and keep an eye on it.

The tongue-in-cheek description reads: “No, it’s not an STD, it’s the organic produce from our super easy Grow A D*ck Kit!

“This sassy little cube has a big surprise inside: spoiler alert, it’s everything you need to grow a girthy batch of capsicum annum – AKA phallic chillies!

“This is no bird-of-paradise-flower-situation, these spicy red numbers are unmistakably penile from head to shaft. Except for the little green bit on the stem, obviously.

“If you actually have one of those on your k**b, please see a doctor, you may be at risk of being diagnosed as a plant.”


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