Don’t tell your dentist! The shocking amount of sugar packed into each Cadbury Creme Egg is revealed

What Cadbury Creme Eggs lack in their small size, they make up for in sugar content – with six teaspoons packed into every gooey egg.

While they may be relatively small in calories – 173 per egg –  each egg contains 26 grams of sugar, mainly due to the gooey, fondant filling rather than the crispy chocolate shell.

Kinder Surprise egg, which is roughly the same size as a Creme Egg, has with just 2.5 teaspoons of sugar per egg.

For those who are able to stop at just one small treat – Ferrero Rochers have just five grams of sugar, or about one teaspoon, per piece.

A 50 gram pack of Smarties will have you eating even more sugar than a Creme Egg – with each small box packing in a whopping nine teaspoons of sugar, or 35 grams.

A UK mother shared a photo of 25 grams of sugar next to a the popular treat, and it’s hard to believe it can even fit in the bite-sized egg.

By comparison, we could eat an entire Kinder Bueno packet – which has 17.6 grams of sugar – and still have eaten no where near as much sugar as a Creme Egg.

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