Creme Egg ‘addict’ who has spent over £4,000 on the popular Easter treat has a TATTOO of the Cadbury chocolate on her back

A self-proclaimed Creme Egg addict – who has spent over £4,000 on the popular Easter treat – has showcased her tattoo of the Cadbury chocolate on her back.

Jennifer Crockill, 30, from Garston, Liverpool, has loved the chocolate treat since childhood and at one point said she enjoyed one every single day.

Following her lifelong love of Creme Eggs, she decided to get a tattoo of it which is located on her lower back.

Jennifer, a railway engineer, said: ‘I’ve loved creme eggs since I was a child; my mum would always go out of her way to get me some knowing that they were my favourite.

‘All of my friends know about my tattoo, they’re forever taking the mick out of me for it!’

Jennifer openly admits she is ‘obsessed’ with the Cadbury egg and currently has every Creme Egg product stocked up in her house – ranging from Creme Egg yoghurts, ice cream, to Easter eggs and mini egg share bags.

She added: ‘My husband often jokes that if I had to choose between him and Creme Eggs, that I’d pick them over him!

‘At one point, I was eating them so much that I’d often hide when eating them or wait for people to not be around because I was so embarrassed of my obsession for them.

‘I’ve managed to calm in down a bit recently though as I’m part of a weight loss group, so can’t have as many as I used to.’

Who’d have known someone would love the chocolatey treat so much they would get an eggcelent tattoo of it…

Each Cadbury Creme Egg contains 26 grams of sugar (177 calories), which is about six teaspoons.

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