Corrie’s Peter Barlow to DIE amid breakdown and relapse hell?


The Coronation Street cast member, played by Chris Gascoyne is set for an alcohol relapse and a breakdown as he struggles to cope with Carla Connor’s disappearance, according to The Sun.

Things began as Peter Barlow’s ex-wife Leanne Battersby tells Nick Tilsley that she’s worried about son Simon trying to look after his dad.

She tells Nick that she wants Simon to move in with them, which he Nick agrees to.

Claudia visits Peter and is shocked to see the state he’s in.

This leads Ken deciding it’s time to get Peter sorted as he takes him to the doctor.

The last time Peter relapsed he ended up in hospital – how far will it go this time?

Peter has been running around trying to find Carla who fled from Weatherfield after suffering a horrifying mental breakdown.

This came as she was racked with guilt when the Underworld knicker factory roof collapsed and killed her sister-in-law-to-be Rana Habeeb.

This week viewers will see Peter get desperate as he puts Carla’s photo on social media to try and track her down.

He gets a message from a man on Carla’s old estate who claims to have seen her and will swap info for payment.

Against Ken’s wishes, Peter heads off to meet the man with a wad of cash.

However, will it lead to him finding Carla?

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