Charlotte Crosby opts for a pared-back beauty look while displaying her remarkably transformed appearance as she plugs her reality show in Brazil

Charlotte Crosby opted for a pared-back beauty look on Monday as she promoted her reality programme The Charlotte Show in Brazil.

The 28-year-old Geordie Shore star shunned her favoured heavy cosmetics in favour of a minimalist look, which further illustrated the extensive work she has admitted to undergoing throughout her eight years in the spotlight.

She was joined by her boyfriend Josh Richie for the outing as she showed off her endless legs in short shorts and a jumper to pose up a storm for promo shots.

Charlotte was keeping things low-key during her outing as she opted for minimal make-up with her hair worn in a straight style.

Her promo outing comes after The Mirror reported her recent Instagram post was awash with Charlotte’s loyal fans begging her to ‘stop the surgery’ after undergoing both a nose and boob job, as well as lip filler over the last three to four years.

In the seemingly now-deleted comments, one follower is said to have written: ‘Poor girl her face is badly swollen. Is it an allergy?’ Another reportedly added: ‘She should have stopped with the surgery, Botox & fillers a long time ago.’

Charlotte has spoke candidly about her various surgeries in the past and in 2016 she unveiled her new nose after a rhinoplasty procedure.

Speaking about her decision to go under the knife, the reality star opened up to Heat magazine about why it was so important to her. Charlotte admitted scrutiny from the Geordie Shore audiences drove her to have the surgery.

She told the publication: ‘It’s not like I can hide it. If I’d not been on TV, I’d never have got it done. I do think [my nose] caused a lack of confidence, and you always compare yourself to other people who are on TV as well.’

She added: ‘You just think, “I hate it”, especially on television. I think it’ll make a big difference to my life in terms of getting photographed and always being on the telly, not having to worry about where to stand or what angle to go from.’

However, Charlotte did face backlash from the Loose Women panellists after Janet Street-Porter grilled her about the procedure in 2016.

She said: ‘Good luck to you, it’s your choices, but what message does that send to teenage girls who watch your show, follow you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, who might think, “My nose has a lump in it but I haven’t got £4,000 to change it?”‘

While during an appearance on Celebrity Juice later that year, show host Keith Lemon warned Charlotte: ‘Don’t go too far, because it’s addictive.’

To which the former Geordie Shore star replied with: ‘Never!’

In October 2017, Charlotte confirmed she had undergone surgery to correct her ‘uniboob’ after she was bodyshamed by vicious online trolls.

Speaking to Heat magazine, the reality sensation – who suffers from a medical condition called congenital symmastia – admitted that she would also compare herself to other girls, leading her to undergo the corrective surgery.

She confessed to the publication: ‘My uni-boob made me feel under-confident. It (congenital symmastia) really limited what I could wear without people saying, “What the f***’s wrong with her boobs?”‘

And being in the public eye only meant that the Sunderland native was heavily targeted for her ‘deformed’ breasts on social media.


‘Because I’m famous, if a picture of me is online, people say things like “What is wrong with her boobs? They’re deformed! They’re stuck together”‘ she revealed, before confessing she had the surgery because ‘of the comments she got online.’

Charlotte, who has made no secret of the fact that she enjoys a night out, also lamented the lack of sexy clothing she could wear because of her condition.

The reality star is also a huge fan of lip filler and during an interview on This Morning in 2018, she admitted she only gets them done once a year.

She said: ‘I get them done once a year, I had a big problem down the sides, but once a year that’s it and I don’t think they’re that bad.’

Shortly before her TV interview, Charlotte spoke to MailOnline about her surgeries as she said: ‘ I have no regrets over my surgery. I never went over the top. I’m very happy and feel a lot more confident since I had the correctional (boob job).’

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