Baby gets a hilarious TOWIE-style makeover after his sister, three, covered him in bronzer and gave him killer brows – because she wanted him to ‘look like mummy’

  • Catherine Carr, 24, from Harrogate, was shocked to discover baby son Frankie layered in make-up and sporting strong brows after she put him down for a nap
  • Culprit was three-year-old Tiffany who decided to give her little bro a makeover
  • She raided her mum’s make-up bag and got to work on the five-month-old’s face 
  • Thousands have now liked the photos shared by mum Catherine on Facebook 

A mother has revealed how shock turned to hilarity after she found her napping baby had been given a TOWIE-style makeover – by his big sister.

Mother-of-two Catherine Carr, 24, from Harrogate, Yorkshire, left the youngsters alone for just minutes while baby Frankie, five-months-old, napped and Tiffany, three, watched television.

However, when she returned, she barely recognised Frankie, who had been layered with bronzer and given a strong pair of brows.

The chubby-cheeked baby also had a slick of pink shimmer across his lips, with toddler Tiffany justifying her facial artwork by saying she wanted him to ‘look like mummy’.

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