Baby born with half her head missing SURVIVES against all odds

A newborn baby amazed doctors by surviving a rare medical condition.

Ah Neath was born with half her skull missing, leaving the interior of her head completely exposed.

Medical experts feared the worst for the Cambodian tot, but she was finally discharged after months in intensive care.

In February, the little girl was born with a large crater in her head.

Doctors believe that her health problems were caused by a condition known as anencephaly.

The rare syndrome strikes three in every 10,000 US pregnancies and affects the development of the brain and skull.

Ah Neath’s parents, Strey and Heang, were forced to sell their home to pay off their daughter’s medical expenses.

VIRAL PRESS TOT-ALLY AMAZING: Ah Neath survived and her parents are now fundraising for more treatment
The tot was kept in intensive care for two months, where she was placed on a ventilator to regulate her breathing.

Even though she survived the birth, Ah Neath continues to battle the condition.

Her loving parents continue to fundraise for their baby’s care and future treatment.

Mum Srey said: “I knew there was something very wrong with my baby when she was born.

“I have cried for days and asked people to donate money.

“’We are poor and have sold our home and land to try to save my daughter. She is healthy, but her head does not have all of the skull.

“’We are facing hardship and struggling to raise her to survive on the planet.

“Our only hope is that doctors may be able to help, or a foreign doctor may help.”

Even though the condition is rare, dozens of other tots have battled similar birth defects in recent years.

One baby was born without 90% of her brain – but she still managed to survive.

Another heartbreaking case saw a six-year-old boy battle through a syndrome that left a four-inch crack in his skull.

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