Accountant loses an incredible SIX STONE by ditching ONE THING

An overweight accountant was so determined to become “bikini ready” she lost six stone by ditching chocolate .

Fiona Maguire, 31, regularly gorged on takeaways and snacked on family-sized chocolate bars.

But she ballooned to almost 16 stone last year and lost her confidence.

Fiona refused to go shopping for clothes and so decided to fight the flab in a bid to become “bikini ready”.

And in the 12 months since, the accountant has shed the pounds to weigh 9st 13lbs – and fit comfortably into a size 10.

“People often look at my before pictures and say that I look so different, they say that I even stand differently.

“That’s because I am now different, I am now confident, I’m happy, I’m healthy and I’m full of energy. I feel worlds apart from the old useless Fiona that I felt so disappointed in,” she said.

“I’ll always remember a comment that was made to me when I was overweight and helping out in a friends pub, ‘you don’t sweat much for a fat chick!’

“I’m sure the comment was made in jest, but those words will always be in mind and I never want to be a ‘fat chick’ again.”

The wife joined Cambridge Weight Plan [The 1:1 Diet] last January and swapped the chocolate treats for fruit.

Fiona, from Axminster, Devon, added: “I needed to get my spark back, feel comfortable walking down the street and needed to be me again!

“I’d been unhappy with my weight for two years but finally last January I decided to actually change my ways.

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