Women Tend to be better  drivers than men, according to a report

Insurethebox decided to dig in to the data to find the real winner of the battle of the sexes on the road.

It is official, according to one pay as you go insurer, women are better drivers than men. Insurethebox analyzed driving data of 4.5 billion miles and compared the genders to reveal exactly which drive sex is safer and who is most likely to rack up a bill. It found that women, especially when it comes to speed, are safer drivers overall-with men 46 percent as likely to speed as women. Younger drivers (17-25), with young men speeding 55% more than young women, are the biggest culprits. The gap is even bigger among the youngest drivers, with men 17 speeding 76 percent more than women of the same age. And when it comes to driving in the dark – women were found to be the safest gender yet again.

Men in Scotland are the biggest culprits of speeding when it comes to road safety especially 20-year old Scottish men are four times more likely to speed than women of all ages in Eastern England.

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