Severe flooding in Spain causes future weather concerns

Benidorm is suffering from severe rain, thunderstorms, and gale-form winds at the moment. The Spanish city is usually a popular sun-filled spot for holidaymakers and travellers, but a yellow weather warning has been issued. Affected areas include Alicante, parts of Malaga and Cadiz, Valencia, Almeria, Seville, Cordoba, and Murcia.

Despite the high tidal waters and horrific flooding, tourists seem to have refused to let the situation completely dampen their holiday spirits. Some images have been seen of individuals floating down flooded streets on lilos, and others have been seen attempting to bodyboard on makeshift surf boards.

Video footage even shows one man taking to a crocodile-shaped lilo and sailing past people taking cover at nearby eateries. Several other individuals have been spotted sporting brightly coloured swimwear, walking around in waterlogged streets of the affected areas.

Unfortunately, as much fun as they may be having, they are still in the middle of the road – flooded or not. Cars trying to escape the area have been forced to swerve around people playing in the streets; making for a very dangerous situation, overall. Everyone is warned to be vigilant and watch out for dangers on the roads.

14 of the country’s provinces are reportedly on yellow alert due to the weather. Emergency services have warned tourists and residents alike to be careful. This weather could have serious consequences for areas of Spain; cars are already driving through knee-deep water on the streets.

The high tidal waters have also been bringing jellyfish onto the shores of local beaches. Travellers and locals are advised to leave handling them to the experts, rather than trying to touch or pick any of them up.

Tourists currently in Spain are advised to pay attention to local media and listen to any and all authorities regarding the flood. The weather seems to be calming down now, but many areas are still badly affected, and there will be a lot of water damage.

If you’re a traveller who has a trip to Spain booked, check with your travel agency and accommodation establishment to make sure that everything is okay. Some resorts have been reported as being flooded. Otherwise, hold off on your plans for now, and wait for the all-clear and for the affected areas to clear up the damage.

Experts have warned that the bad weather in Spain points towards a harsh winter for the UK. We could very well be facing around four months of heavy snow and ice storms. Rising temperatures in the Eastern Pacific could soon reach threshold values for an El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) to become established.

This phenomenon is known to trigger extreme weather across the world, and as Britain is know for having colder weather than it should, we may end up going through a biting winter. The World Meteorological Organisation warned the knock-on effects are likely to hit the northern hemisphere by the end of the year. Experts warn that the chance of this happening is approximately 70%.

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