Milan Airport to close for three months in 2019

Italy’s most popular airport in Milan is scheduled to close for three months in 2019. The airport will be closed during the busiest travelling season of the year for renovation works and will affect millions of passengers across the globe.

Milan Linate Airport is one of the most used airports in the whole of Italy, catering to more than 9 million passengers every year. But due to the impending closure, travellers will need to find alternative routes to their destinations. The airport will be closed between the 27th July and the 27th October 2019 due to the renovation project planned for the establishment’s single runway. Unfortunately, the tarmac does need to be renovated at some point, so there’s no way around the closure.

Flights from around the world connect through Milan Linate Airport, which will leave a lot of tourists and travellers without their usual connection. The closure is scheduled at the busiest time in the year, right in the middle of the peak summer holiday time. Thankfully, there is an alternative airport that travellers can use if they’re heading into Italy or using the country as their change-over point. Milan Malpensa is another of Italy’s popular airports that many choose for international flights; making it the perfect alternative for passengers looking to travel to Italy next year. Both airports in Milan are used by British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair, and even Flybe to take passengers from Britain to Europe and beyond.

Europe holds some of the most popular destinations in the world. Many tourists who choose to travel to one of the countries in Europe often end up visiting a neighbouring country as well. Italy, itself, is the perfect holiday destination because it expands out into several small islands that you can visit using the ports on the mainland.

The downside to passengers using Milan Malpensa for their travelling needs is the alternative airport’s location. Milan Malpensa is 25 miles from the centre of Italy, which takes just under an hour by train. Despite being smaller, Milan Linate Airport is only 5 miles from the centre of Italy; just 10 minutes away by taxi. The increase in passengers to Milan Malpensa Airport could put pressure on the airport to provide more transport links into the city or to nearby accommodation. Suffice to say, those three months that Milan Linate Airport is closed are not going to be pleasant for other nearby airports.

Luckily, there are other airports in Italy to choose from, but they may all end up feeling the pressure when a central airport, such as Milan Linate Airport, is closed for a long period of time. Rome Airport is also a popular choice for flights into and out of Italy, as is Bergamo Airport and Venice Airport. All three are close to the centre of Italy and should help keep some of the pressure off of Milan Malpensa Airport while Milan Linate Airport is closed during the summer of 2019.

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