London Euston station closure causes chaos

If you happened to be around the London area last weekend (18th – 19th August), you may have noticed the lack of trains going into London Euston, and the various “alternative travel plans” given to those wishing to depart from the area.

Network Rail is urging passengers to avoid travelling to and from London Euston over the three planed weekends for rail work. The weekend just passed has already caused major issues with travellers trying to get to their destinations, despite Network Rail’s early warnings about the situation. London Euston station will be inoperable for the following two weekends (25th – 27th August and 1st – 2nd September), as well, leading on from last weekend’s work.

The station has been closed as a part of Britain’s Railway Upgrade Plan, which includes replacing North Wembley junction – a major intersection on one of our busiest mixed-use railways. The route managing director for Network Rail’s London North Western route, Martin Frobisher, has said that there is never an ideal time to shut the railway, but the three weekends that were chosen to do so were the least disruptive times.

Unfortunately, this is one of those situations that is unavoidable. If the junction needs replacing, then all we can do, as travellers, is grin and bear the situation. This plan to replace the section of railway has been in motion for the last three years while Network Rail and its train operators work to minimise the impact that this operation would have on their customers.

Thankfully, despite the sudden pause in train travel to London’s busiest station, there are alternative travel options being offered to customers needing to use that area on their commute or to travel through for pleasure. The network did encourage customers to plan ahead and avoid these weekends where possible, but for those who find themselves travelling down towards London Euston, you’ll be met with rail replacement bus services and other alternative options.

The planned maintenance on North Wembley junction is unavoidable. If it is replaced, the railway system can continue to meet the high demand of passenger and freight rail services that use the West Coast mainline. The work will also result in more reliable journeys in the future.

The Executive Director for Customer, Operations, and Safety at Virgin Trains on the West Cost Line, Peter Broadley, had this to say: “We know this will impact on people’s travel plans, particularly over a bank holiday weekend, so we encourage customers to plan ahead and where possible travel at other times.” He also advised customers not to travel to London on the days affected, where possible.

If you booked ahead for your journey and need assistance heading into London, speak to your train operator or customer services at your train station. While trains are not running in or out of London Euston, there are alternative travel plans for individuals who need to make the journey. Rail replacement buses are running around the area, and you may find that you rail ticket is valid on other reasonable journeys in and out of London.



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