Japan hit by their strongest storm in 25 years

Japan is currently experiencing the worst tropical cyclone that they’ve seen in 25 years. Severe wind and rain have been pounding the country since the storm hit yesterday, 4th September 2018. A trail of wreckage has been left in the storm’s path. Reportedly, 11 people have unfortunately passed because of the storm in the last day, and the storm itself is still wreaking havoc as it travels across Japan, up towards Russia.

Typhoon Jebi, as the tropical storm has been named, originally started its journey near the Northern Mariana Islands, travelling in a curve across the Philippine Sea towards Japan, across Osaka and Kyoto (among other Japanese cities that have been affected), and over Kanazawa and Wajima. It’s currently running over the Eastern Sea of Japan, and Google’s Crisis Response team are reporting its entire journey as it moves.

Approximately one million people have been ordered to evacuate their homes due to the threats of the typhoon, and there has been no small amount of pronounced damage across the country. Most of the damage seems to be centred around Japan’s shoreline, where the gusts of the typhoon managed to take down several infrastructures, tip and destroy shipping containers, and even blow tankers into seawalls.

Images have been released of the disaster’s aftermath that depicts scenes such as a broken ship stranded on a seawall after the typhoon hit Nishinomiya, as well as the flooded runway at Kansai airport which left more than 3,000 people stranded.

Around 700 flights in and out of Japan have been cancelled with concerns of aeroplanes being unable to land safely, considering the conditions. As the typhoon leads itself out of Japan, tourists across the world are wondering if it’s safe to travel over to the country.

Airports and air travel aren’t the only things being affected in terms of transport; several people were injured at Kyoto Station when part of the station’s glass ceiling collapsed due to the strong winds. Railways are also being heavily affected by Typhoon Jebi. West Japan Railway Co. started halting many local trains on Monday and planned to stop all local services in the area of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe as quickly as possible.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has released travel advice to any UK nationals looking to travel to Japan during this time. They have advised that essential services, including the transport network, are likely to be disrupted, and that all regions of Japan may be affected to varying degrees. If you’re currently in Japan, you’re advised to monitor any and all news releases that relate to current conditions and follow the advice of local authorities during this stressful time. They also added a reminder to all travellers regarding the flooding in Japan that occurred back in July, warning travellers to check transport information if they’re heading into central or western areas of Japan.

In other news, the storm has levelled off since it arrived and has been downgraded from Category 5 to Category 1. Hopefully, it disperses soon.



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